A Photo A Day in May

Back at the end of April I had decided I would take a photo a day in May. That would have been a great idea, if I had remembered I had challenged myself to do that. Sigh.

As I mentioned on my Saturday Afternoon Chat post, I didn’t do very well to begin with, but I am back on track. I also plan to stretch the challenge into June to make up for the lost days.

I thought I’d share the photos I took when I remembered to do so. I also have a couple of photos I took on a day, but didn’t take for the project. It was simply a photo I took for one reason or another.

I added a couple of extra photographs from each day as well.

May 1

No photo. Oops.

May 2

May 3

May 4

May 5

May 6

May 7

No Photo

May 8

No Photo

May 9

May 10

May 11

May 12

May 13

May 14

My breakfast for Mother’s Day from Little Miss.

May 15

No photo. Oops.

8 thoughts on “A Photo A Day in May

  1. Very awesome! When hearing of your idea for a photo a day in May I set out to do the same but likewise I’ve also missed days here and there but what I have captured so far has made up for it!!

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  2. If you hadn’t “confessed” about missing days, (the quality and content of the photography totally cancels missed opportunities), none of us would have suspected a thing! 😁
    Little Miss did an excellent job for Mother’s Day! She is adorable!

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