Bookish Thinking: Library sale book haul

I mentioned Sunday in my Sunday Bookends post that I had visited a local library that was having a sale, as well as a local flea market-style store that had a large selection of used books.

I thought today I’d share a few of the books I picked up, even though I did mention a few already.

I’m going to toss in there a couple I also picked up last week at a library near us that has a bookshop in the back of their building.

I had to use photos I downloaded online for a couple of these photos because I loaned the books to my mom before I took photographs of them. Mom reads a lot faster than me so I always pass copies of books on to her first.

Her Mother’s Legacy by Francine Rivers

I haven’t read a book by Francine in years, mainly because the topics are usually quite heavy and I often look for books with lighter topics.

Fire By Night and Candle in the Darkness by Lynn Austin

I have yet to read a book by Lynn Austin but people who read Christian Fiction absolutely love her so I figured it was time I tried. She writes historical fiction. These are the first two books in the Refiner’s Fire series.

A Case of Bad Taste and A Case of Crooked Letters by Lori Copeland.

Lori is a new to me author and while I thought her books were cozy mysteries, I needed to take a break from the one book because within the first three pages, two husbands had already been killed off and one of them was fairly young and died from a blood clot, which has been happening to a lot of people lately so that made me uneasy. Of course, this book was written years ago so it has nothing to do with the recent rashes of blood clot deaths, but it still felt a little too close for comfort after someone I know who is in their 30s had a stroke last week. I do plan to pick the book back up again, however, because, despite that dark issue, the book does seem like it will have hope and some humor as well.

Home to Holly Springs, Come Rain Or Come Shine, and To Be Where You Are by Jan Karon

These books looked new and I was excited to add them to my collection.

To Be Where You Are is the last book in the series. Home to Holly Springs is book ten but I believe it was originally part of a planned separate series about Father Tim. It is one of the darker and tougher books of the series, but, in my opinion, one of Jan’s best.

Books from the Walt Longmire Series: A Cold Dish, Death Without Company, Kindness Goes Unpunished, As the Crow Flies, Another Man’s Moccasins, Hell is Empty, A Serpent’s Tooth by Craig Johnson

I’m on book seven of the series, Hell is Empty. We own all of the books on Kindle, but I want to start collecting the books in physical form as well.

Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie (A Miss Marple Mystery)

The Husband picked this one out for me and I’m excited to read it because I’ve never read any of Christie’s books about Miss Marple but she’s one of my favorite Christie characters.

The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell and The Cat Who Blew The Whistle by Lillian Jackson Braun

I picked these two up at the bookshop in the back of the library in the town near us (well, 40 minutes near us). The Cat Who Dropped a Bombshell is a later book in the series and the later books aren’t as good, but I’m on chapter 4 and it’s a lot better than some of the other later books I’ve tried to read.

Sean of the South: Whistling Dixie by Sean Dietrich.

He’s a new to me author and this book looks like a collection of short stories or short thoughts. I follow him on Instagram, and he seems like a downhome author that I will like. I have a couple of his books in my Kindle as well.

Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson

The last book by Robert Lewis Stevenson that The Boy and I tried to read we failed at, but I’m willing to try again. The Husband said this one is better than Kidnapped.

I picked up a stack of books for Little Miss as well, but I’ll write about them in a separate blog post.

Have you read any of the books mentioned above? What did you think of them?

3 thoughts on “Bookish Thinking: Library sale book haul

  1. I’ve read “A Candle in the Dark” by Lynn Austin, along with a couple others by her that I really liked. I’ve also read several Francine Rivers books, but not this one. My Mom and I used to share Jan Karon books, but I haven’t read one of hers since my Mom passed over 13 years ago. Even tho it would be bittersweet, maybe it’s time to catch up again. I hope you enjoy your book sale haul! 🤗

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  2. I failed at Treasure Island, too, though I don’t know why. One day I just didn’t pick it back up despite being about 3/4 of the way through and just kept not picking it up. It’s somewhere on a shelf still. Maybe I should be like you and try again. It’s so short compared to most of what I read these days anyways.

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