A New Location/Newsletter for writing updates

Hello! I was going to share a writing update today here but then realized, I have a new place for those kind of updates and wanted to share that instead. I have set up a Substack/Newsletter where I will be sharing about my writing journey and other tidbits once or twice a month.

If you want to know what’s been happening with my writing, what is coming up with future books, etc., you can check out this month’s newsletter HERE at this address… https://lisarhoweler.substack.com/

If you subscribe, you will get the updates in your inbox when I post.

I will still be posting my regular ramblings about life here on the blog whenever the mood strikes me, though I do have regular features on Saturday ( A Chat and A cup of Tea) and Sunday (Sunday Bookends).

And I’m sure there will be times I’ll update you about my writing here as well.

One thought on “A New Location/Newsletter for writing updates

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