Saturday Afternoon Tea and Chat: Blah, blah, blah

This is a blog post with no purpose. Just a ramble. It’s when I invite you to have some tea, coffee, cocoa or some other hot beverage with me. It’s when I also remind you to drink responsibly! Usually, this is a joke because I don’t think my blog readers are heavy alcohol drinkers. *wink* You all seem more like the coffee and herbal tea type to me and that’s not a bad thing. Of course, I know one reader who sips a glass of wine from time to time, but they aren’t laying in a gutter somewhere drunk like an Edgar Allan Poe recreation, so I think that’s fine.

Anyhow, I have digressed.

This week I wanted to go back to the weeks before Christmas when I was in a little Christmas bubble, and everything seemed hopeful and happy.

I mean I literally have wanted to crawl into a cocoon and not come out for several weeks. It’s not an exaggeration.

I can’t write about part of what has been going on or who showed up at my front door this week, but I would ask that those who follow me and who pray would pray for us right now as we are the subject of false accusations that have kept me awake at night.

Being awake hasn’t been a good thing since I also lost sleep when I was sick and when my mom was in the hospital from December 30th to January 8.

All of what has been going on in my life feels like a clear supernatural attack from forces unseen as mentioned in Ephesians 6:12:

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”

It has been one thing after another. Not even our dog is safe since she has developed horrible itching and a rash and had to have something I can’t talk about on my blog done to her at the vet two weeks ago. Poor thing. Hopefully,
things will clear up for her soon. As of Friday afternoon, as I am writing this, she’s already getting better, luckily.

Between trying to send documentation to refute the false accusations, taking care of the dog, and trying to stop internal trembling I have been having, I felt like I didn’t have a lot of breaks this week until Friday when I just put as much as I could aside and decided to try to read, listen to books, and watch as much light stuff as I could.   

I’ll share more of what I watched tomorrow during Sunday Bookends but this was one thing I watched that helped calm me:

I am reading a variety of books, which I will ramble about tomorrow as well. What I really need to do to help my nerves is take a walk and I know that but I’m so stressed that the idea of leaving the house almost seems too much.  How awful is that? Plus it has been cold and blah out.

It’s so weird but when you are really down, you realize how much the little things mean. For example, I made myself a cup of hot cocoa with the perfect mix of cocoa and maple syrup yesterday and it was amazing. I literally just sat and sipped it and sighed and for a few minutes forgot about everything.

Talking to online friends (who are real friends) about anything other than the drama in my life has been nice too. Erin from Still Life, With Cracker Crumbs and I had a thrilling conversation about raisins yesterday. We discussed how evil it is when someone makes cookies and you think they are chocolate chip but they are actually raisins.

That is a huge pet peeve of The Boy who had a mini meltdown one day at his grandparents when they offered him a cookie that he thought was a chocolate chip cookie but turned out to be oatmeal raisin. It’s now a running joke. My dad even gave him raisins for Christmas. He did receive some homemade chocolate chip cookies for his birthday to make up for how many times his grandparents kept giving him oatmeal raisin cookies.

I also shared that the raisins The Boy was given for Christmas have the texture of mouse droppings, though I’ve never eaten mouse droppings. She then shared that her son enjoys flavored raisins, such as tropical raisins and I was blown away because I had no idea there was such a thing.

I then shared with her my favorite quote about raisins, which comes from the movie Benny & Joon when Joon tells Sam that raisins are just humiliated grapes and that the California Raisins scare her. Those raisins always terrified me as a child too. That’s just not natural.

So what do you think of raisins? Did you know they have flavored raisins? Or were you as clueless as me?

What hot beverage are you having today? Hot herbal tea, coffee, or, like me, hot cocoa?

And how has your week gone? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Afternoon Tea and Chat: Blah, blah, blah

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  2. Oh I’m so sorry about those attacks, Lisa. We’ve had some pretty rough spots this week, that I realized were attacks too. It feels like this world is spinning with evil! But I keep holding onto His promises to protect us through it all. And I am so thankful for small things too! I’m having a cup of our new cinnamon tea from The Republic of Tea. It’s so soothing!! Praying for you and your whole family!

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  3. I love raisins especially in cookies. My oldest sister makes the BEST raisin-filled cookies which don’t have a speck of oatmeal in them. This morning (along with my hot black English Breakfast tea), I made French toast with cinnamon raisin bread. Delicious! And I like yogurt covered and chocolate covered raisins too. Have I grossed you out yet? 😉 Now seriously, in regards to our FB convo, please know I am praying every day for your family.


  4. Good morning!
    I’m not a fan of raisins. My parents ate them. They put them in cold cereal and hot cereal. Mother sometimes made cookies with them. The raisin box sat on the supper table at every breakfast. I tried ignoring them. I refrained from expressing exactly what I thought about the raisins. When I’d say no thank you to adding them in my breakfast food, they gave me a look like I was the odd one out.
    I’ve not been up long. I am drinking warm lemon water. Then I will fix the morning tea. Today it’s a loose leaf flavored black tea called Florence by Harney and Sons. It has a wonderful aroma and taste of chocolate and hazelnut. I have what looks like a tea press to steep the tea. I have an additional basket that holds the tea because it catches all the fine pieces. I have a little machine that whips up milk or half and half. So, in a bit I will drink a tea latte about 3cups.


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