Randomly Thinking: Children who think they are funny, annoying pets, and other random thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts from my life from the last month or so.

Things have been randomly weird lately. Some of it has been randomly good and some randomly bad. I think I’ll focus on the randomly good since we all need a bit of an uplift these days. If not all, then some, shall we say. Ha!

Anyhooo….Little Miss and I have been doing different things for school this year in addition to our “book learning” and part of that the last couple of weeks is me reading a child-level biography of George Washington Carver to her.

When the weather was nicer, I allowed her to jump on the trampoline while I read to her. This worked somewhat well, but she kept getting distracted by bugs and falling leaves and our pets wanting to join her. I had a bad feeling she wasn’t learning anything, so I finally decided to quiz her.

“Which college did George Washington Carver go to before he went to Iowa State?”

Jump. Jump.

“The Simpsons!!” she sang, referring to the theme song of the animated show I’ve actually never let her watch.

To anyone else, this might prove she wasn’t listening at all, but in fact, this was her cute way of telling me the answer was “Simpson College.”

And she was right.


A couple weeks ago, The Husband noticed his avatar on the Disney Plus app had been changed.

“Why am I Thor?” he asked Little Miss, who had changed it.

I’m sure he was hoping she’d say because he’s big and strong.

Instead, she said, “Because you’re brave and over confident.”



Am I the only one who climbs over or places myself in the oddest positions in bed at night just so I don’t disturb a pet, specifically a cat? I mean, why do we do that? Why do we risk bladder damage instead of throwing a cat off our lap when cats could care less about our comfort. Our youngest cat walks on my chest in the wee hours of the morning, turns herself around a couple of times like she’s a dog and then proceeds to lay herself so her butt is in my face, her tail draped over my head. Yet I make sure not toa move her or disturb her when she’s sleeping. I protect her sleep while she interrupts mine. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Speaking of the annoying aspects of having pets, our daughter has been asking if we can get another kitten or a puppy.

After the many nights of searching outside for the kitten, stressing out and imagining her dead somewhere, I can’t imagine having another creature to worry about. I reminded Little Miss of this again last week after I drove around the neighborhood looking for a squashed cat in the road because it was 10:30 at night and Scout still wasn’t in the house.

When that little annoying furball did waltz up, looking a bit confused why I had been stressed, I, once again, told Little Miss we are not getting any more pets.


The Boy’s birthday is next week. Little Miss asked if we got his gift yet. The Boy said he didn’t want a gift. Little Miss said he really didn’t need one anyhow.

“Mom gave you the best gift ever! She gave you the gift of life!”


The Boy was talking about some negative aspects of history one night while we were all downstairs. Little Miss said she didn’t want to hear any more depressing parts about history or about people being mean to each other.

“I’m just going to imagine that everyone lived in peace so shut up and let me have my fantasy that everyone gets along.”

I couldn’t help but agree with her.


I saw this on Facebook last night:

This was my title: What Was She Thinking? Ten Tips For What Not To Do In Life.


My challenge for you today is to shut down your social media and turn off the news, put this on, and read a book:

 Let’s all do a No News November. Do you think we can do it? Or at least an Almost No News November!

Those are my random thoughts. How about you? what random thoughts have you been having?

7 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: Children who think they are funny, annoying pets, and other random thoughts

  1. Your daughter says some of the best things ever! I love the way children think. And they really are listening when we think they’re not. Luckily, my cat lets me sleep, but demands I entertain her before I can start my day.

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  2. Little Miss comments are great! As usual, I love your randoms. Regarding the no news November….maybe AFTER the election. It’s SO important to vote (especially in our state) this year and I’m going to have to know the results.

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  3. I love these random thoughts posts so much and I love hearing funny / cute things kids say. Your kids say a lot of great stuff.

    Can I relate to not disturbing The Cat? My coffee has been ready and waiting for me for TWO HOURS but I could only just now get up and grab a cup because Marilyn was asleep on me so I had to wait for her to wake up!


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