Faithfully Thinking: When your soul feels dry

The earth has been parched, craving the rain for weeks now. The grass in our backyard is yellow and dead and hard under our bare feet.

The weather service says we’re not in a drought. I find it hard to believe, even though I know the designation has to do with water table levels and other such things. Our rivers and creeks are almost like rock beds.

Our farmers’ fields are dry and not growing.

Sometimes my soul feels the same way. Like there are days when I feel so dry, my insides being strangled by the vines withering in the hot rays of the sun.

Everything I try fails, falling on the dry, dead earth.

Each effort I make to improve our finances sputters to a start then runs out of air, out of gas, out of water, or success, or whatever you want to say.

It’s on days like that that I look for water to quench my thirst. Yes, only Jesus can really quench our deep, soul-level thirst but on the more surface level, I look for things like good books, good food, good people and they help me on a physical and mental level at least.

God never promised our lives would be easy but he promised He’d be there when they weren’t easy.

He never promised we wouldn’t go thirsty or our souls wouldn’t dry up in the heat of it all. What he did promise is that the well that provides his living water will never go dry.

How do you refill the well of your soul?

With things? With social media?

Or with better things like good books, good food, good people and ….?

7 thoughts on “Faithfully Thinking: When your soul feels dry

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  2. Such a beautiful post Lisa, thank you. This summer here in Arizona was a strange one. We actually got some rain. I hear stories of other states being hotter then it is here right now and that is shocking to me as Arizona has always been the hottest state in the country from years past. We have had many years of sharp painful crunchy grass, and dead yellow and brown gardens, but this summer our garden is green.
    Some of our Spring flowers started blooming again, so weird. Yesterday I walked out to see Jasmine everywhere on my Jasmine plant, yellow flowers on the vine, cacti blooms…what is going on I thought to myself. One of our bushes had all kinds of tiny lavender blooms on it. This is the craziest time to me ever.
    I feel close to God when I am around other living things and water. A small pond, a creek, birds, bees, plants and people. All beautiful gifts and so fun to be around when the soul feels weary, it reminds me of how blessed we all are and what really matters. Life matters, all life. The best gift that God ever created.

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    • I am so glad you were able to have some green around you this summer! I remember your previous posts about your dry summers and how yellow everything was. I guess it was our turn this summer.


  3. I know that I’m on social media right now commenting, but for the most part I am taking a break. I removed the apps off of my phone. This is a much-needed break. I’m learning a few things-making a few changes for when I return. One of the things I’ve already changed is I’m no longer taking part in the Goodreads yearly reading challenge. I have taken part in this about 10 years. I already know that I can read 100 plus books in a year. One year I read 178. Last year 137. It feels ridiculous to pester myself with another job. Reading should be pleasurable and not another thing to cross off the to do list-plus the hurry of trying to read so many books in a year. It doesn’t sit right with me anymore. I do not plan to add Facebook or Instagram or Twitter back on my phone. Actually, I can look at Twitter on the computer but plan to do so rarely.
    I read, read Scripture, attend church, sing in the choir, read from the prayer book, and pray. These are things that refill the well of my soul.

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    • Yes, I have decided not to take on as many book reviews/tours because it was making reading a chore. It does expose me to some new authors, but I feel like I’m reading as a job and not for pleasure.

      I don’t have FB on my phone and don’t have a Twitter account at all. I do have Insta but it goes off my phone on the weekends.

      Breaks are definitely needed.


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