Book news: Beauty From Ashes out on Amazon

The ebook for Beauty From Ashes, the third book in The Spencer Valley Chronicles, is out today on Amazon and will be available on other sites at the end of the week.

The book is 99 cents through the end of the week and even better? The first two books in the series are also 99 cents. Whoot!

Here is a description of the book for those not familiar with it:

27-year-old Liz is a bit lost, trapped in a prison of shame after becoming pregnant by her abusive boyfriend. Well, technically ex-boyfriend. Now she is a single mother who feels like the whole town, or at least her church-going parents, view her as a trashy woman with no morals. That’s not what she used to think of herself as but — could they all be right? And if they all think that, what about God?

53-year-old Ginny Jeffries has hit a snag of her own in life. She hit the snag a couple of years ago, in fact, and now she’s still stuck on that snag, with no sign of moving forward. Her husband, Stan, hasn’t noticed her in at least a year, maybe longer, her job as the town’s library director has become mundane and stagnant, and her youngest daughter is having some kind of identity crisis. Pile on the return of her ex-boyfriend from high school to town and she’s about to collapse under the weight of it all.
Can the two women figure out their chaotic, confusing lives together?

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The Farmer’s Daughter:

Harvesting Hope:

Beauty From Ashes:

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Paperbacks of the book will be available within the week.

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