Looking back at April in photos and otherwise

April was torture weatherwise. Not only did it snow in late May, leaving heavy wet snow, but the rest of the month was mainly cold, wet, and gloomy.

We did have a few nice sunny days and we took advantage of them as much as possible.

We didn’t really do too much exciting in April. We picked up some local beef at a butcher. That was about the extent of our excitement.

If you want to see what blog posts I shared last month, you can access them on the archive drop down menu in the sidebar at the right.

I did share a post about why I had been writing less fiction and a few other ramblings about my writing and fiction. I also shared a post about how to find your creative spark again when it comes to writing.

I hope to share more blog posts in the month of May. For some reason, May often seems to be a productive blog month for me.

How about you? How was April for you? Productive? Wet? Cold? Warm? Stormy? Dull? Or Exciting? Let me know in the comments.

In the meantime, here are some photos from our month, including a few from today, the last day of April, when we noticed our tulips were finally blooming. We also watched a bee buzzing around looking for flowers to take pollen from and let him know he will probably have to wait another week or so.

7 thoughts on “Looking back at April in photos and otherwise

  1. Beautiful!!! You make me want to get my camera out BUT it’s really in need of replacement so I suppose it’ll wait.
    Our weather was VERY dry in April (lots of fires that wreaked havoc) and now May has hit and God has blessed us with moisture! In fact yesterday we had rain, sleet, hail and snow in the afternoon!! We’ll take it just to keep the ground from drying up!

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