Winter refuses to let go and a nice Easter

We had a nice Easter, just in time for a snowstorm to hit our area. Yes! You read right. A snowstorm in mid-April. I can’t even believe it at this point. It’s like winter will never end.

Hopefully, most of that snow will be gone by tomorrow morning, but in the meantime, my husband pulled out the kids’ winter boots that he had already put in the closet and his snowblower. Much of the area was out of power this morning, including my parents, but we somehow managed to only lose it for about three hours in the night at our house.

We did actually have snow very much like this on the same date two years ago but it’s still surreal for me to see snow this late in the year. Maybe such things happened when I was a child too and I simply don’t remember it. I’m not sure since I seemed to live my life in the clouds back then and sometimes still do.

Even though I am sick of winter, I do enjoy huddling under a blanket with a good book or while working on a blog post so I am handling this unexpected storm a little better than I otherwise might have.

For the second week in a row, we missed Little Miss’s gymnastics class due to unforeseen circumstances. Last week her nose was all messy from a little bug we had and this week the snow started just as we were getting ready to leave.

Luckily her gymnastics studio allows her to make up classes later in the week.

On Easter Sunday we held a short egg hunt for the kids, even though Little Miss was more excited than her brother, who simply picked up the obvious eggs she missed — like those sitting out in the open that she ran past.

The Boy was suffering from the virus that Little Miss and I had had the week before. No, not the Dreaded Virus. Thank God.

We are having a short spring break part of this week from schoolwork and then it is back to the grindstone to finish out April and May.

As for the weather, it is supposed to warm up by this weekend and hopefully, we will soon have some nice days when we can play outside and open the windows in the house.

I hope the weather is a little nicer where you are, but if it isn’t, I am sure it will be soon.

8 thoughts on “Winter refuses to let go and a nice Easter

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  2. Wow it looks beautiful though!!

    We have had CRAZY wind for most of April…like 60 mph wind gusts, it’s been nuts!!
    Hope you are having warmer weather now!


  3. We too experienced the pleasure of the snow storm this past week. Here they called it a “historical” storm and the media incited another round of grocery-buying panic…Kind of makes me feel like we’re living from one “crisis” to the next? Anyway, I’m jealous of your green grass. Ours will come soon, I hope. Snow has to melt first! 😆

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    • I saw an interview with a CNN producer who didn’t know he was being recorded last year and he said as soon as the fear of the virus died down they would launch into climate change because, and I quote, “fear sells.” we need to be in a constant state of panic for them to control us.

      Storms happen and they probably happened even more in the 1800s but there wasn’t a media to freak people out about it all.

      I was excited to see green grass under the snow yesterday. It even looked more green and I hope that means when this stuff melts later this week it will take away the ugly yellow stuff!

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  4. I’d like to order some snow please. Well, we’ve finally settled on spring-like weather, but it’s still bouncing around week to week. I’m surprised we haven’t gotten sick from this temperature roller coaster, but allergies are killing us. I hope your son gets better soon!

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    • I think the up and down temperatures are why we did get sick, actually. I really didn’t even think we had a virus at first but then Little Miss developed a low-grade fever and I felt like I had something. I never did develop a fever. My son is better today, thankfully.. He and his sister went outside and played in the snow for a while.

      Allergies are hitting us hard now too as things are trying to bloom. It will be worse later this month and into May but we can deal with it as long as we have some sun to enjoy again.

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      • A couple of my husband’s colleagues are sick like you and your family have been, so something must be going around or it’s this crazy weather. I hate saying I’m looking forward to summer since it’ll be insanely hot, but at least the only variation will be whether it’ll be in the 90s or 100s. I’m ready for the weather to sort itself out. Sun is always good and I hope you get to enjoy some! Hopefully allergies won’t be too bad.


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