Five comedians you need to look up today

I have been watching a lot of comedians recently and thought I would share my favorites today on the blog.

Ken Davis

I have been watching Ken Davis since I was in high school. After I got out of the hospital in November I watched him constantly to ground me and help take my mind off how awful I felt.

John Branyan

John isn’t as well known as Ken Davis is to many (at least in the Christian community) but he has some of the most hilarious bits, including this one about the Three Little Pigs.

Josh Sneed

I just discovered this guy this past weekend and he was exactly what I needed to lift my spirits.

Chonda Pierce

Oh, Chonda. Many who hear her love her and some have decided not to like her because of how she’s expressed her political views in the last few years, but Chonda still cracks me up. She’s had so much heartache in her life, but still manages to laugh and make others laugh.


This comedian is originally from the Middle East and he uses his heritage for some very edgy, very funny jokes.

3 thoughts on “Five comedians you need to look up today

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