Reading books about how to write novels is making writing novels not fun for me

I wrote this on my Instagram the other day: “Nothing destroys the fun of writing novels for me than reading books about how to write a novel. Now I’m so in my head I can’t hear anything but rules.”

It is true, guys/gals. I sat in my living room last night with two craft books, a notebook, and a pen and thought, “Okay. I am going to outline this sucker and I am going to figure out what my two characters dark moments are and . . .” And I just stared at the page.

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2 thoughts on “Reading books about how to write novels is making writing novels not fun for me

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  2. I love how there are so many how to write books out there, but, when it really comes down to it, most authors are more likely to thank their writing/support groups and beta readers than a book they read on how to write. I think those how to book just stress out too many writers, especially those who flourish with a pantsing method. There’s one of those on my shelf that I’ve had for almost 20 years and still haven’t cracked open since I find it’s more fun, and I actually finish a story, by doing my own thing. Writing is an art and I doubt any book can really teach that. Besides, different readers respond to different things, so trying to write for everyone is just a straight uphill battle.

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