The fallacy of the current narrative that the unvaccinated deserve to die

I am trying to keep my blog as free of politics as possible these days, but I don’t think what I am going to talk about today is related to politics – it is related to ethics and morality.

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments online recently from celebrities, politicians, clergy and many others that if people choose not to vaccinate then they should not be allowed to be treated at a hospital if they contract a serious case of COVID-19.

Dolly Parton’s sister Stella Parton was one of these people and she was so pissed off that I questioned her reasoning that she blocked me on Instagram earlier today. More power to her.

The problem is people like Stella Parton paint everything with one broad brush stroke and don’t stop to think that not everyone who doesn’t get vaccinated is doing it to prove a political point. We aren’t all screaming or holding protest signs or declaring our rights are being violated (even though they very well are in many ways). We aren’t all belligerent and telling people who got the vaccine they are stupid and “indoctrinated”. Most of us believe those who got the vaccine did what they felt was right for them. They made their own medical decision for their own personal experience and many of us believe we have the right to do the same. Most of us would like to make this decision quietly but sometimes we also think we should stand up for those being bullied and shamed for their medical conditions.

I have a family member with Epstein Barr who can’t have the vaccine right now because the virus is currently active in their body. Their doctor has warned that any vaccine – including COVID-19 – could trigger an even worse reaction. This person can barely function each day because of the virus already ravaging their system. Should they be sentenced to death if they get COVID because they contracted a virus they didn’t ask for? Epstein isn’t a virus that can be avoided by wearing a mask, by the way.

Pete Prada is the drummer for the band The Offspring. He has Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder where his immune system attacks his nerves. He was told by his doctors that getting the vaccine could make his condition even worse. He couldn’t imagine it being even worse, so he didn’t get it. His band decided he was a threat to others, and he decided to step down from his band and their tour, giving up his lifelong dream of being a drummer in an internationally successful band. He’s been very gracious to his band, didn’t whine, didn’t condemn them, simply explained his position. Yet he is being mocked, ridiculed, and called a liar online.

According to the BBC News, “The drummer, who is in his late 40s, said he caught Covid over a year ago and only had mild symptoms, “so I am confident I’d be able to handle it again”, he wrote.

“But I’m not so certain I’d survive another post-vaccination round of Guillain-Barré syndrome.”

There are some cancer patients who can get the vaccine and some, because of how weak their systems are, who can’t. It can be a benefit or a detriment depending on the cancer, the stage, the treatment, etc.

We hear over and over again we have to get the vaccine to protect those types of people, but it seems to be “those types of people” who are being marginalized and told they are crappy people for not getting a vaccine.

I’ve even read comments to the effect of “The CDC says anyone can take the vaccine. You’re a liar” to people with legit medical concerns.

I have been battling auto immune issues for over ten years now. I have been told by doctors, family members, former friends and even the wife of a former pastor that I am a hypochondriac, that my symptoms are in my head, that I am a woman, I am depressed, I am fat, I am … whatever they want to say to get me out the door because they don’t want to listen to me anymore. I have stopped going to doctors and mainly treat myself, other than going to get prescriptions for my thyroid medication. You can only be told so many times that you have a mental illness and are a liar before you finally give up. Why go to people who have no interest in helping you anyhow?

Anything I take upsets my system it seems, and I am often times back to square one: getting sick easily, shaking, trembling, vibrating, aching muscles, dizzy, lightheaded, vertigo, weak, exhausted, brain fog, rashes, stomach issues, irritable bowel syndrome, over active bladder, bladder spasms, excruciating menstrual pain, sleep issues, overwhelming anxiety, ocular migraines, hyperventilating, difficulty breathing, hot flashes, crushing fatigue, etc. And this is when I’m ON my thyroid medication. I have even tried to pretend I don’t have symptoms to try to make all those people who told me I let my anxiety and dillusions rule me. Funny enough, pretending I didn’t feel like crap didn’t work.

In the last two years I have been able to manage my symptoms with lifestyle changes or natural supplements to the point I can at least function some days, and on a few days out of the month I can function amazingly well. Someone like me looks at a vaccine like the one put out for COVID and goes – “okay. I can take the risk that this vaccine is going to flare me up to the point I can’t take care of my children, or I can take the risk that I catch a virus that may or may not kill me.”

There are ways I can protect myself from COVID or be treated for it if I do contract it.

Once the vaccine is in my system?

There is nothing I can do. It will run its course and no antibody treatment, natural supplement, or any other intervention, will stop it. It will invade my cells not just for the course of a virus but for the rest of my life. I will never know if the pain I am suffering from is from my condition or is from the effects of the vaccine. I will never be allowed to question it either. I will never be allowed to say to a doctor, “I think the vaccine caused this” because then I will be labeled an evil, hateful, spiteful, anti-science, Trump-supporting, MAGA, anti-vaxx piece of garbage. These are all terms and words I’ve seen thrown at anyone who has expressed concern or asked questions before getting the vaccine.

There is a huge possibility that I will be in even worse shape than I was before because now I’m not only a “hypochondriac woman prone to self-focused and attention-seeking fits of delusion” but also a conspiracy theorist who wants old people and children to die.

This is where we are in our world right now. You either inject yourself with something that could hurt you, or you are TRASH.
I didn’t ask for the autoimmune issues I have going on. I never ate horribly, smoked, did drugs, drank or did anything knowingly that would bring these conditions on. I don’t drink alcohol, don’t eat fast food (other than a few fries from my kid’s meals), limit my sugar (other than a Hershey bar here and there), don’t have sodas (other than a natural one I finally found that doesn’t cause me issues), don’t smoke (never have, even though my local doctor wrote on my paper I had been a smoker for years and refused to stop. Ummm…what?). I eat vegetables and fruit, meats, limited dairy, no gluten, take elderberry every day, don’t exercise the way I should but am working on it, and I’ve been tested for diabetes and heart issues and told repeatedly I’m fine.

Do I deserve to die if I contract COVID 19 and need to go into the hospital?

Does my family member?

Does Pete Prada?

Does someone with cancer?

Does anyone who medically can’t take the vaccine?

Many would say, no, but Stella Parton and those like her? They don’t differentiate. They have lumped us in with people screaming in the streets (which I still believe is their right as an American, even if I don’t approve of some of their behaviors) and have called for our deaths. If they had it their way, as one commenter said to me, they would make a list of us so we can be attacked, ridiculed and shamed, adding all that to the other issues we have to deal with day in and day out.

They know what they are saying.

They know how they really feel and to them the answer is YES. They believe that I, and many others like me, deserve to die, because we chose to protect our health over their comfort.

19 thoughts on “The fallacy of the current narrative that the unvaccinated deserve to die

  1. It’s here in Canada too. It seems to be everywhere. The tension. The distrust between family members and life long friends. The…divide. Us versus them. The anxiety is running rampant. I pray for better days. And I completely agree with all that you described.

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      • Yes unfortunately.

        On a side (semi) related note, a while ago, I made a mistake of mentioning
        my blog to some people in the community. I had no idea, they would turn out to be ‘our new jailers’! No idea! Good folks, as far as I knew them before this year. So now, I feel watched and will definitely be judged if I dare write what I truly think. That’s one of the reasons why my blog has been quiet.
        I am thinking, maybe I need to start anew. But I’ll lose touch with those I have known ‘here’

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  3. Good write up Lisa! I like what you said here: ‘It will invade my cells not just for the course of a virus but for the rest of my life. I will never know if the pain I am suffering from is from my condition or is from the effects of the vaccine.’
    I have health concerns too and just don’t have peace about a rushed vaccine so I’ll sit on the back burner for now until maybe I have changed feelings.

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  4. I’ve been staying away from the fray of this but I am SO VERY TIRED of hearing people call the unvaccinated “stupid, ignorant, or uneducated.” Everyone has a good reason for whether they get vaccinated or not and those who resort to name calling aren’t walking in the other person’s shoes.

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    • Very true. I told my mom today that most who sneer at unvaccinated equate them to “infected who run around and sneeze on people.” Unvaccinated doesn’t equal infected and vaccinated doesn’t mean not infected or unable to infect someone with someone else other than Covid – maybe the vaccinated won’t get Covid as bad but they can still pass colds and the flu and many other things so they are just as “germ-Infested” as the next guy.

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  5. I’m not out there protesting but I believe people should have the right to do so, albeit respectfully. I just read an article decrying protests outside hospitals and calling it the “ultimate selfishness” that individuals choose not to vaccinate. Shouldn’t the amount of protestors be a clue that something’s wrong with the current strategy? That article is here:

    It saddens me that I’m assumed to be so selfish. I’m also learning about the role of aborted fetus cells in the development of vaccines. Another issue entirely but isn’t that selfish as well: the death of innocent life to protect mine?

    I have family members who are vaccinated and I don’t begrudge them for it. We differ in opinions but are still able to treat each other kindly. I hope it stays that way and I wish there could be more cooperation between the different sides of the issue in the governance and the media.

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  6. As you can probably already tell, I’m very pro-vaccine, but it is maddening that everyone is divided into pro-vaccine and anti-vaccine without looking at all the details. My mom also has an auto-immune disorder, so there are some things she can take and others she cannot, and we’re very thankful she has a wonderful, understanding doctor who encourages her with the lifestyle changes that do work for her instead of calling her dreadful things. So, even though I wouldn’t mind jabbing everyone, I do understand and appreciate there are some people who don’t feel safe doing it for personal reasons. I do understand there are medical issues that even scientists can’t foretell. I remember when the HPV one came out I was perfectly fine, but a classmate ended up with severe health problems that she’ll have forever. Medicine isn’t for everyone and everyone should have the right to determine for themselves if it’s right for them.

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    • Very maddening. I didn’t get into it in this post but I also can’t stand when unvaccinated tell vaccinated they are stupid for taking it or they are going to grow a third eye or something. It’s so out of control. I have family who took the vaccine and they are fine, that I know of, but I know of others who are definitely having some issues they weren’t before. We all have to make our own decisions. I’m fine with wearing masks, staying home, etc. but acting like people who don’t get the vaccine are dirty or already infected is like Black Plague days. Many people have antibodies to the virus, vaccinated or not, so they may have had it and don’t even know it. Our governor did. Anyhow – it is all messed up and upside down. God help us!

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      • I’m in a super blue area, so I don’t often see or hear what the unvaccinated have to say about the vaccinated, but it’s all madness to me. It often disappoints me when people like to say awful things about the other side without really understanding it. You’re so right that we all have to make our own decisions and it bothers me that some would try to strip that away from people, especially those who have really considered whether to get it or not. All these blanket statements and beliefs just hurt all of us. I’m just hoping we’re able to pull through this one day.

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    • I did want to add to this that yes, I did gather you were pro-vaccine but you are very polite and understanding, even when you are frustrated with it all. I am not anti-vaccine myself. I know the good they do – not just this one.I am just vaccine concerned for my personal reasons. Like I said, I don’t plan to make a sign and go scream about it all or tell those fo are vaccinated they are -whatever people are saying. I stopped paying attention to the name calling this week. It’s exhausting. I wrote my post after seeing some debates and then walked away from the computer for the (most of) the rest of the week and plan to stay away from the arguing and news this weekend. Thank you for being so polite and supportive.

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      • It is absolutely exhausting. I’m very in favor of freedom of choice, even if I do get tired of the anti-vaccine people who just spew lies about it and the virus. But I think it would do us all some good to just listen and have respectful conversations. Some people really just don’t understand, some have wrong information, and some, like you, make the personal choice that it’s not for them. It always bothers me that those who are unable to get it for medical reasons are villainized. It’s so black and white instead of the shades of gray it needs to be. But I’m starting to hear the possibility of there being herd immunity with so many being vaccinated and so many having gotten the virus, so I’m hoping and praying all the forceful arguments die down, though that might just be wishful thinking.

        I don’t often like to chime in on conversations about the vaccine, but I really liked what you had to say and I would very much like you to know I’m one of the pro-vaccine people who absolutely supports you and your decision. Everyone has their own opinion and it’s really important that everyone listen to everyone else and at least try to understand.

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        • So am I! It hurts to see people be so divided when they could just lean in and listen instead of immediately leaping to judgment and screaming. We can learn so much from each other and evolve into a much better, more understanding society, but, alas, I think that’s only wishful thinking.

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  7. I invite you to look at the Luciferian monument called the Georgia guidestones. The first line should tell you everything you need to know about the true agenda.

    On Thu, Sep 2, 2021 at 1:32 PM Boondock Ramblings wrote:

    > Lisa R. Howeler posted: ” I am trying to keep my blog as free of politics > as possible these days, but I don’t think what I am going to talk about > today is related to politics – it is related to ethics and morality. I’ve > been seeing a lot of comments online recently from celebr” >


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