A very thought provoking post from a new blog I am a part of. I’ve joined with a handful of other authors and we share our thoughts throughout the month. Enjoy this one from Patrick.

“You must think of yourself as a businessman as much as an artist.”

I have often heard this statement or variations of it, and here I give my thoughts on why it is misunderstood, and difficult to accept.

There is an image of businessmen (and salesmen) which in many ways is defined as “not an artist at all”, in fact someone who doesn’t appreciate or care about or interact with art or the concept of art in any way. It isn’t part of the definition, and it’s rarely spelled out in so many terms, but if one accepts some exaggeration (like a mental magnifying glass) we can more easily address the issue.

If you take this underlying idea of a businessman without allowing it to be vague, then for any artist to actually think of himself as a businessman he must cease to be an artist, down the most fundamental…

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