May in Review in a few words and a few more photos

The month of May wasn’t super busy for us but we did seem to have a lot of various doctors appointments and other activities going on, unlike previous months.

We also wrapped up our school year this month (last week in fact).

Our kitten had some interesting adventures in May involving climbing trees and falling out of one and finally jumping out of the other one. She is now down to seven lives but doesn’t seem to mind.

In the middle of the month we briefly visited the The Wall That Heals display, which is a traveling Vietnam Wall. It was set up at a school near us. It was emotional since my dad served during Vietnam and even though he wasn’t deployed he had friends who were. One of those friends was a man in our neighborhood who couldn’t take the flashbacks anymore and finally killed himself in the woods behind his house several years ago.

On a happier subject, I wrote a lot of The Farmers’ Sons in May and changed the name to Harvesting Hope, setting a publishing date of around August 5.

As for my No More News May Challenge, I did manage to stick to only an hour a week, broke up by a few minutes a day for almost the entire month, with the exception of a couple of days and wow did I feel more relaxed. I had no idea what to be angry about or afraid of. What an awesome feeling. I am continuing it for June.

The weather was very mild, cold even, for most of the month, and I didn’t mind that because it meant more time to stay inside and write and read books, as well as cuddle with the kids and pets. We did have a week stretch of humid temperatures and Little Miss was able to spend some time in the sprinkler on those days.

Here are some photos from our month, some many of you have already seen.

How was your May? Let me know in the comments.

13 thoughts on “May in Review in a few words and a few more photos

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  2. Beautiful pictures!! The town looks fit for a postcard pic!!
    I love your perspective on the cold weather because then you can use it for writing and snuggling with the kids and pets! Good outlook! I need this mindset!!!!

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  3. May felt like a long awaited first step into something resembling normal for us. We were finally brave enough to take our kids to the playground for the first time in over a year, but, haha, they only wanted to spend a half hour on the swings and then they were done.

    I never knew there was a traveling wall, but what a wonderful way for more people to be able to learn, remember, and offer their respects.


    • The wall used to be called the moving wall. It’s simply a replica of the larger wall and it gives people who can’t make it to Washington a place to remember. I’ve seen it twice now and it’s really nice.

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  4. Nice photo journal of your month. Poignant pics of the Wall That Heals. But what caught my eye? Those lilacs! Oh, how I love the scent of them. The one we planted several years ago became deer fodder and died. And I miss it.


  5. Love the photos. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    That travelling wall.. I’ve never seen that but what a great thing. We’ve been to the memorial in D. C. with my dad a few times and it is so emotional. All those names, all those lives. Men my parents grew up with, who my father served with. He did two tours in country, has two purple hearts, one for surviving when his Amtrak hit a mine. Sadly everyone else with him didn’t make it. I know his time there follows him to this day.

    Thanks to your father for his service. 🇺🇲

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    • My dad worked on bombs during Vietnam. He thinks he was supposed to be called up to go over but the next week or something his friend came in and said he was going. Dad was confused and he thinks somehow the guy manuevered something and went in his place, but he doesn’t even know if that is possible. My parents had just got married a year or so before and the guy was single. Dad left the AIr Force without a very high rank because he was demoted one day when he went to see my mom, his car broke down on the way back, and he was late for work. When he went in to meet with his CO and the guy asked if Dad would sign up he said, “Are you going to put me back to my rank?” The guy said “Nope” and Dad said, “Then no. I’m out.”

      Thank your dad for his service too.

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