Sunday Bookends: Awesome weather, little houses, sheep, and Brits out of place

What’s Been Occurring

The weather was cold here at the beginning of last week but warmed up in perfect timing for our 45-minute drive south to pick up my son’s new glasses. It was perfect timing because after finding a Weis store, which was my excitement for the week, sadly, we found an amazing playground for the kids to play on. For almost two hours my kids played with other kids and not one of them was wearing a mask. Only one parent was wearing a mask and it looked like a spring day from 2019. It was amazing and the best day I’ve had in a very long time.

The kids also had a blast. Our car was full of fresh fruit from Weis, the sun was shining, we had an awesome playground (with a zipline!) to play on, and my son could finally see again.

About the supermarket trip, listen, we live in the middle of nowhere without large supermarkets so this was exciting to me. This was more exciting than finding a Target or Trader Joe’s. Well, not more exciting than a Trader Joe’s. There are no Trader Joes anywhere near us – like even 100 miles near us.

So, don’t judge my sad little life.

The store is like a small version of Wegman’s if you have one of those or Whole Foods. Or if you are in the South, maybe it’s a small version of Food Lion. I don’t know. But they have fresh fruits and produce we can’t get near us.

What I’ve/We’ve Been Reading

I am reading the third book in the Longmire series, Kindness Goes Unpunished, by Craig Johnson right now while also enjoying a lighter book called In Sheep’s Clothing by Pegg Thomas. I’m also reading a few chapters of Anne of Green Gables a week in a hardcover copy I bought many, many years ago. I’m old enough now that I can write things like “many, many years ago” and still be referring to my own life. I’m not sure I’m very happy about that.

Little Miss and I are still reading Little House on the Prairie before bedtime and encountered some harsh language about Native Americans last week that I had to address. I will be posting a blog post about this development later in the week. I’ve already started writing it and asking the question, “Was Laura Ingalls Wilder a racist?”

I’m very sick of the “r” word being thrown around so easily because it takes away from people who actually are, so here is a little spoiler for the upcoming blog post: no, I don’t feel she was and I’m not the only one. I will expound on it more either tomorrow or Tuesday, depending on when I get time to sit down and write it.

The Boy and I are continuing to read To Kill A Mockingbird, a few chapters a week for me, two for him, but I’ve told him he needs to pick up the pace so we can finish it before our school year is over.

What I’m Watching

This past week I watched a movie called Main Street, starring Colin Firth and Orlando Bloom. I did not enjoy the movie for a variety of reasons but the biggest reason being that the movie featured two Brits speaking in Southern accents. I mean, come on. The director seriously couldn’t find any actors from the South to play the parts? Hmmm. Okay. It isn’t that Colin and Orlando couldn’t pull off their accents. They certainly could, but hearing anything but a charming British accent come out of Colin Firth was unnerving. Orlando was so natural in the role, I really didn’t mind hearing him speaking in an American accent. Plus, I’ve never been a huge Orlando Bloom fan. He’s okay, but he’s no Colin, in other words.

My other issue with the movie is that I simply didn’t understand the plot. It was boring beyond belief and none of the stories really resolved themselves in the end. It was fairly clean, however.

The last couple of weeks have been somewhat stressful here for a variety of reasons so I watched a lot of comfort TV the rest of the week, including The Andy Griffith Show and Lovejoy.

What I’m Listening To

I am listening to a few podcasts these days including one by Chip Ingraham and another called Unashamed by the men from Duck Dynasty.

I have been staying away from the political podcasts and politics or news in general, with only brief looks at news sites during the week. My nerves are shot. I can’t take it anymore.

I’ve also been listening to this song because it’s been stuck in my head. I like this The Voice UK contestant’s version because I’ve never heard the original. Steve McCrorie won in 2015 and he is back to his original career as a firefighter now, but I’d rather listen to him than most artists who are out on the radio today. He does release some independent music that you can find on Apple Music. He’s a Scottish lad so maybe that’s why I like him so much. I have a thing for Scottish men, probably because my family’s ancestory is Scottish.

So there was my week last week, how about you? What are you doing, watching, reading, and listening to? Let me know in the comments.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Awesome weather, little houses, sheep, and Brits out of place

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  2. Your kids always look like they’re having so much fun at playgrounds! I can’t wait until my kids can play without a mask. One of the negatives of living in a densely populated area.

    I’d agree strongly that Laura wasn’t racist. After all, she had some very real, very interesting interactions with them. Besides, she’s a window into the past and how people thought and behaved. She’s an invaluable classic.

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    • People in our area just don’t really feel kids should have masks on, it seems. I am less concerned about them outside. We still use hand sanitizer and wear masks in stores, etc. but on the playground – as long as they aren’t kissing other kids, I’m fairly calm about it.

      I was reading this week that some of Laura’s original manuscript didn’t even have some of the wording that ended up in there and she was later appalled that people thought she was saying the treatment of the Native Americans was okay. She was trying to show how it was as a fact, not saying she signed off on it. Of course, I’ll expound on that more later when I ramble about the opinions on it I read.

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      • I think most people in our area feel the same way, but most of the time that I see it, it is outside. It’s just annoying when people get too close considering the part we live in has been one of the top 25 areas with the highest transmission rates. I can’t wait until I can let my kids run around and not freak out.

        I look forward to it! My mom loves her books and has told me bits and pieces of what some of the books were originally supposed to say, but were changed. It’s been a while, though.


  3. I’m glad you had such a great day!! I miss Trader Joe’s! I have not gone since Wyatt was born – it’s an hour drive to our nearest one but it’s in such a congested area traffic wise that I hate going there.

    And the Little House series and racism- I know we’ve chatted about this but I agree with you. They are great for learning opportunities, as you used it. Plus they were my favorites as a child and I still love them.

    Hope you are having a great day!

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