Sunday Bookends: Reading classics, my son’s various costumes, and spring may stay around for a bit

Welcome to Sunday Bookends where I ramble about What I’m Reading, watching, writing, listening to and doing.

What I’m Reading

Little Miss and I have finished quite a few Marguerite Henry books now including Misty of Chincoteague, Stormy: Misty’s Foal, Sea Star, King of the Wind, and this week we will finish Black Gold.

We abandoned the White Stallion of Lipizza because it was fairly slow. We may go back to it later, but this week I hope to start reading either Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables. I am actually reading a hard copy of Anne of Green Gables that I picked up years ago from Barnes and Noble. The old-fashioned looking cover and style of the book attracted me, but I put it on a bookshelf for probably 15 years before I ever actually opened it last week. I always loved the movie with Megan Fallows but I don’t think I ever actually finished the book, so I plan to read a few chapters a week and savor it.

The Boy and I are reading To Kill A Mockingbird during the week and unlike the other books we read this year, this one hasn’t felt like I’m being forced to read it. I’m actually enjoying this book and look forward to reading it after my daughter goes to sleep each night. I enjoyed the other books we read, but sometimes I had to force myself to sit down and get through the assigned chapters. Actually, once I got into Silas Marner, I looked forward to finding out what happened. For Lord of the Flies, I knew nothing good was going to happen, so I actually dreaded continuing on.

Lord of the Flies was not part of any of the set curriculum we had this year. I chose it on my own because I felt it was an important book for him to read and he might enjoy a book about young boys who go wild on a deserted island. Instead, we both ended up somewhat depressed after reading it and longed for something slightly less depressing. Which is why I chose To Kill A Mockingbird. Why, yes, that is sarcasm. Why do you ask? Really, though, To Kill A Mockingbird, even with its eventual tough subject is a little more cheerful at times than Lord of the Flies.

I know many people say To Kill A Mockingbird should be banned because it is “racist” since it uses the “n-word” more than once, but I am smart enough to recognize that Lee is telling this story from the point of a child who was taught to use the n-word by the culture she was in. Lee isn’t saying the word should be used, or that it is right. We are using the book as a learning opportunity and others should do the same.

This week I might delve into a couple lighter Christian fiction book as well. I just finished a Christian novella for an author. I enjoyed it but it ended much too soon. Now I know why my novella is my least popular book. Well, it could be the least popular because it isn’t good, but I also wonder if it is because it is so short. For the book I was reading, I was just getting into the characters and the book and then it ended rather abruptly. My first book did the same, however, so I can’t say much.

In between all the fiction I am also reading Beyond Order 12 More Rules for Life by Jordan Peterson.

What I’m Watching

We have been watching a lot of Everybody Loves Raymond on Peacock. We’ve had some bad news in or around our family lately, or simply in the news, so I have needed comedy.

I watched an independent film this week on Amazon called The Ultimate Life. There is another movie called The Ultimate Legacy and they both have similar themes. The Ultimate Life is about a billionaire who learns he needs to rearrange his priorities in life after he reads his grandfather’s journal. The Ultimate Legacy stars the same actor, Logan Bartholomew, but he is a rich young man who can’t get his inheritance until he completes several steps she sets up in her will. Both movies are by the same studio and are listed under faith and spirituality. They are clean. They are also both fairly well written and acted.

I also watched a Miss Marple episode from the 2005 series and did not enjoy it. I’m too much of a fan of Joan Hickson from the 1980s series. The lady in this series was way too creepy. She looked like she was zoning out or something. And some of what she said made her sound like a serial killer herself.

What I’m Listening To

When I do have time to listen to music, I have been listening to a lot of worship music lately.

I also listened to Jeannie Robertson when going to bed a couple times this past week, but I’ve been falling asleep fairly fast so I don’t catch a lot of it. If you aren’t familiar with Jeannie, she’s a hilarious older lady from North Carolina who talks about a variety of subjects. I will leave a YouTube clip here for you so you can have a sample of her style of comedy (which is light, laid back, and is drawn from her everyday life.

What I’m Writing

I did not write other blog posts this past week, mainly because I felt depressed about the state of the world and had no real ideas on how to share anything without sounding depressed. I have drafted a Randomly Thinking post for this week and I’m sure I will come up with other topics to blog on this upcoming week as the weather is set to be as warm and nice as last week.

I have been working on The Farmers’ Sons and shared a chapter from that on Friday. I am not sure I will stick with that title for the final book. If any of my readers have an idea for a book title, let me know. I will be sure to mention you in my acknowledgements. *wink*

What’s Been Occurring

My son picked up a medieval helmet last week. He was absolutely thrilled when it arrived and walked downtown with his friend to pick up a pizza. Other people enjoyed seeing at as well, including a man who slowed his car down, pointed at my son and yelled, “Awesome mask!”

My husband said he thinks people just need to be cheered up these days and see something funny and light because he witnessed similar responses from people on Saturday when he and my son went to see a movie (their first in over a year) at a small theater near us and my son wore the helmet inside. My son said a little boy watched him either in horror or awe as he shoved the straw of his drink through one of the holes in the helmet to drink while he waited for the movie to start.

One man stopped him in the Aldi’s parking lot and asked to take a photo with him.

The Boy has always loved dressing up and going out in public. I’m surprised he still enjoys it, since he’s become a bit of a recluse as a teenager. At the start of all this virus craziness, he purchased a Plague Doctor Mask and went into stores wearing it instead of a regular face mask.

As a little boy, he loved to dress up as Ninjas or superheroes and go with me to dentist appointments or the store. When he was about 3-years-old, I took him to the local supermarket dressed as Ironman. He got away from me at one point, racing down an aisle. I grabbed what I needed to off a shelf and turned the corner, expecting him to be in the next aisle. He wasn’t. I started to panic and began looking up and down the aisles. I was in the bread section when a voice came over the loudspeaker.

“We have a young Ironman at the front of the store if anyone is missing him.”

Oh boy.

I headed up to the front and was informed they had tried to get him to tell them his name, but he’d only yelled out “repulser blast!” held his hand out and pretended to blast them with the toy blasters on his hands.

The staff seemed mainly amused by the interaction. One seemed a little annoyed, but he apparently had no sense of humor.

We finally tried to curb his costume wearing when he started wearing a Deadpool mask, without really understanding who Deadpool was, other than he was “cool” (Deadpool was way too rated R for him then and still is now, both in the comics and the movies), and yelling at people who thought he was Spiderman.

“I’m not Spiderman! I’m Deadpool!” he screamed at an elderly lady one time.


The Boy cringes now that he was ever so rude, but he was about 6-years-old. We had a good talk about it and he never did it more than a couple of times.

Little Miss isn’t as thrilled with dressing up in public.

She and I were able to get to the playground a couple of times this past week thanks to the warmer temperatures.

I would like to take her to a larger playground, but she is quite happy with the very tiny one in our little town, so we drive down the hill and push her on the tire swing and swings for a while and come home. Works for me.

Thanks to the nice weather we were also able to have Easter at our house with my parents (steaks on the grill instead of a our traditonal Easter ham) and held an Easter egg hunt for the kids in the backyard.

So that’s my week in review. How was your week? What are you reading, watching, listening to, or doing? Let me know in the comments.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Reading classics, my son’s various costumes, and spring may stay around for a bit

  1. Me too Lisa. I told my husband the other day I wish I could be in ignorant bliss for a day. I see things and wonder how no one else seems to be concerned or bothered by this and notice they just don’t see what I am noticing. Sometimes I think maybe they do but choose to ignore it. Is this what that one quote about how evil people get away with doing evil things because of the silence of others. Gosh, I can’t remember it, but I am sure you know what I mean. I just pray, and try to bring what ever happiness to my family that I can. There is one thing that always bring me peace…I know I am on the right path with staying in a place of love and not hate. I will never harm or cause hate and chaos to another human being on purpose like so many are doing at the moment. Stay safe and big hugs from Arizona to you all.


  2. Our children are the best gifts we were given. Your son is so funny, we all need laughs. I hope you get more laughs in your days. It is a little rough out there and it can be overwhelming. I try to find something in each day to stay focused on, it is hard sometimes and there are times I think why am I even trying to continue with these goals of mine when the world around me seems to be imploding. I stay with it though, thinking that if I stop, if others stop, when we all stop living the way God intended then that other side, the side that lives in chaos and darkness with sadness, pain and suffering…wins.

    The more positivity and love we put out in the world, the more it overtakes the negative. Stay strong Lisa, you and your family are good people. We too are seeing things over here in Maricopa county that are a bit scary. We live close to where they are doing the recounts and rumors going around now that a certain group is headed our way to cause chaos.

    The hotels are filling up and flights are coming in as well as cars from three states that are from areas where extreme protest take place. Everyone can feel the tension here in our city. My husband said the other day driving around getting supplies for the chickens he saw several military helicopters flying around in the area where this is taking place. So far everything is quiet but everyone is preparing for something, that something I do not know what it is.

    The world has their eyes and ears on Maricopa right now and we are right in the middle of this battle. If things get bad, we will have to head up to the mountains again waiting for things to cool down. MSM does not report a lot on what is going on out there.

    Even our Nextdoor neighbor app takes off certain things as soon as neighbors post them. Used to be a great neighborhood watch site but now everything is censored everywhere. Take each day and find those areas where love lives and spread it out there in the world as much as possible. We need kindness and unity more then every before. Stay safe as always, and big hugs to you all from all of us here in Arizona.

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    • The fact is that we really don’t know what is going on anymore. We’ve been censored to the point that an alternate reality is being created around us and there are so many who tell people like us that we are conspiracy theorists and liars. They believe the media and nothing else. It is a very scary time we are living in. I told my husband that I feel like every day I wake up to a dystopian nightmare.

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  3. Oh fun! I love reading about your neck of the woods and the things you all are up to!
    Great point on To Kill A Mockingbird, as far as the language used goes.

    Love that your son sports those costumes and masks!
    And I miss those days at the playground with my kids, thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through your words and pics!!😉❤️

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  4. I think your son is awesome! I love the ironman story and I love even more that he has kept the fun-loving, creative side of him through the years. You must be a mom who allows her children to be themselves. (Or alternate selves 😉).

    Isn’t it wonderful how easy it is to please the little ones? How sweet they are. Enjoy the simplicity while it lasts, right?

    I also admire how much good quality fiction you read to your kids. That isn’t something I’m in the habit of doing with mine but I kind of wish I was. Thank goodness for public school, I guess! And my son loves to read on his own.
    Though it’s been more along the lines of “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and “Captain Underpants.” 😂
    Even for myself though, it would be good to read more of the classics. “Black Gold” sounds very familiar. I must have read that one in school years ago. And “Lord of the Flies,” of course.

    I really liked LM Montgomery books as a kid. I only read the first “Anne” one but I read all of the “Emily” books. Those were my favorite. Recently I’ve been watching the series “Anne With an E”. Mostly, I’ve enjoyed it, although they have taken some pretty big liberties with the storyline to push social and political agendas, which peeves me. Leave my Anne alone…that’s what I say…😂


    • Homeschooling has actually opened the door to read more classics with the kids. My concern with public schoos in the US is they won’t even allow some of these books before long – down here they keep trying to get them banned. Hopefully that won’t happen on a broad scale.

      Little Miss lets me read her books when she’s falling asleep but it is a challenge other times of the day. We read shorter books during the day, if at all. We started with Paddington – I don’t know if they are considered “classics” however.

      If left on his own my son doesn’t read a lot, but he did read all of the Harry Potter books and ocassionally reads comics.

      There is Black Gold, about the race horse (just a warning – it’s not a happy story in some ways) and The Black Stallion and I think there is also a Black Beauty. All different themes of course.

      I wouldn’t even watch Anne with An E. Any time they mess with classics these days they politicize it and drag the subjects I am trying to avoid right into something that was meant to be pleasant and fun.

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  5. It looks like your kids have been having fun! I think it is totally awesome that your son is into costumes and masks. That plague mask is amazing!

    I wondered where you had been, I was getting worried but then after we chatted a bit on Instagram I figured that was the reason for your absence here. I hope that you have a better week this week.

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