Some Good Reading And Listening For Your Week

Today I wanted to share some uplifting, encouraging, or inspirational blog posts I’ve read or sermons I’ve listened to in the last few weeks. We read and hear so many depressing things these days, it’s nice to put all that aside and read or listen to something more uplifting.

Putting this collection together has also helped me focus on some more encouraging or positive thoughts so thank you to my followers who made me want to create this post.

Lessons from Grandpa Fred’s Early Turn Signal from For His Purpose

Sharing a Lenten Prompt by Bettie G

Texas on Ice by Fuel For The Race

Breaking Free by Big Sky Buckeye

The Voyage of Bygone Days by Creative Wending

Scribble Pad by Alethea’s Mind

Living the Life by Mama’s Empty Nest

Relying on God More Than Ever by Alicia at For His Purpose

Holding On To What We Know by Heather at Every Small Voice

12 thoughts on “Some Good Reading And Listening For Your Week

  1. Thank you for sharing these uplifting and encouraging thoughts here! I look forward to reading them today–just when I needed to hear them, as Barry is having yet another heart procedure today.. And thank you so much for mentioning my post too. Love and blessings for you dear Lisa.

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  2. Neat idea, thanks for including me. 😀 I look forward to reading the others.

    Glenn Gould was a household name growing up. One of my dad’s favorites…what he could do with Brahms is pretty incredible.

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