Randomly Thinking: The Non-Existent Logic of 80s Television and other Random Thoughts

Welcome to my random thoughts post. Continue at your own risk.


My husband and I have been watching a lot of 80s television the last few weeks and have realized something. There wasn’t a lot of logic in 1980s television.

One show we watched was Hart to Hart, which was a show about a billionaire couple who became detectives of sorts. It starred Robert Wagner and Stefanie Powers.

I watched Hart to Hart a couple of times as a kid at my good friend’s house. Her mother loved that show.

During the episode we watched, there was a burglar on their property and Mrs. Hart called the police. My husband was like, “He’s a billionaire with a private art collection and he doesn’t have private security?”

Later, she was kidnapped and Mr. Hart and a cop drive to rescue her. My husband said, “You’re telling me a rich white woman from Bel-Air is kidnapped and they only send one cop to rescue her?”

As we watched Mr. Hart try to rescue Mrs. Hart and she whined and whimperd the whole time I said, “Gosh, I never remember her being this whiny.”

Watching Mr. Hart fall after getting knocked out, he said, “I never remembered him being so useless.”

Later we watched TJ Hooker (with William Shatner) and wow. Talk about some bad acting and bad premises. Not only that but cop cars were always blowing up in that show. I said, “Wow. Those cars exploded on impact. They must have had some horrible gas tanks.”

Him: “Horrible safety ratings on them.”

Me: “Like riding in a death trap.”


One day a couple of weeks ago, I spent a half an hour trying to figure out if a woman and man on a creative marketing campaign on instagram for a clothing store were a couple or not. The advertising campaign features a woman talking about her “hot boss.” The accounts of the people in the photos and videos are linked in the description so I looked at their Instagram accounts and deteremined three things. One, the girls boss is indeed very hot, two, I’m pretty sure the two are actually dating, and three, I really need a life.


The New York Times (which I never read because it’s so biased one way now) featured a columnist last week that urged people to stop thinking for themselves because it is creating “misinformation.” Um…1984 anyone? I think you need to re-read the book and then you need to question everything you hear, read, think, and believe. NOW. This won’t sound very Christian but screw the New York Times. There’s a reason the national media doesn’t want you to question and you should question why that is.


Various sleep issues with Little Miss, horrible dry sinuses and dry skin over the last few weeks have me Googling things like, “can an adult survive on six hours of sleep a night?”

Or, “How little sleep can a person get before they just die?”

Luckily, Little Miss is starting to sleep better and I discovered a cream for severe dry skin that is helping that issue. Saline spray helps the dry sinuses and when all else fails I pop a magnesium glycinate and it helps me fall asleep.


I picked up a dry erase board to use for my daughter’s handwriting lessons and my kids were fascinated with it for some reason. They were taking turns drawing photos on it. At one point my son asked my daughter if she had drawn a marijuana plant. After I smacked him upside the head (that’s a joke. I didn’t do that but I did tell him she doesn’t need to know about pot at 6-years old), he drew a picture and she said, “Oh, is that from the marijuana movie?”

The Boy said, “When did you see a marijuana movie?!”

After a few moments we finally figured out she meant the “Moana movie.”

Good grief. I’m never telling my son about where hemp oil comes from again.


I was recently looking at old journal entries from my digital journal when I found this tidbit from 2019:

“At bedtime my children become dehydrated philosophers in need of a hug,” someone shared on Facebook recently.

My children become philosophers and searches of knowledge when they should be sleeping.

“What’s a hurricane?” She asked at 10:45 at night, on a day she’d skipped her naps.

I told her and she threw in extra questions as I talked.

“It spins in the ocean and -“

“Like me when I get dizzy? Because I can spin real fast and then I get dizzy.”

“Yes, Like you when you spin and get dizzy.”

From there we somehow ended up at a conversation about lightening storms and how lightning strikes can hit a forest and cause a fire.


I also apparently saved some weird texts I sent to my husband in there.

I mean I feel like sick sick and not just hormones or thyroid crap. I’m going to ramble some more about what I mean by sick sick. Then I’ll record Little Miss telling me this really long story about the huge booger she pulled out of her nose and all the snot that was stuck behind it and how she “pulled a The Boy” because of how long the snot was down her arm. And how she used a towel to wipe it off but she doesn’t know which towel so in the laundry room is a random snot covered towel right now. 🙄


My son jumped off the bank infront of our house into a pile of snow, which he’d done a few times without incident. This time he jumped and our dog followed him and landed on his head and knocked his head down into his chest.

He fell over sideways into the driveway and at first I thought he’d broken something. After a few moments, I was pretty sure he was pretending but he still wasn’t moving so I said, “Hey? You okay?”

My daughter was making a snowball and she glanced at him briefly, then back at the snowball, clearly unconcerned.

“He’s breathing,” she said with little emotion. “He’s fine.”


So those are my random thoughts for this week. What are yours? Let me know in the comments.

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    • Our biggest issue right now is she wakes up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night or super early morning, which she never did before. Then she wants to curl up with me and takes a bit to go back to sleep, which wakes me up sometimes and leaves me awake for awhile. She’s been using the bathroom a lot more during the day too. We took her to a doctor about a month ago and they said they didn’t see any reason for her to be doing this, other than the Ph in her urine is a little high. I’m concerned she’s anxious about something and it’s causing this issue but I also just feel it might be normal development for her age. I remember my son going through something similar where he would sleep through the night then he started having to get up to use the bathroom or having nightmares and it was probably around this age. That’s the trouble you run into when your kids are so far apart in age – you forget what the first one did!

      I think the key is getting her into a deeper sleep or finding whatever might be in her diet causing her bladder issues. What sucks is that my mom and I both have bladder issues as well so I really hope my daughter doesn’t have to deal with them too.


  2. Your post made me laugh several times. Oh, the 80’s. Ridiculous TV shows, but at least for the most part, they were CLEAN. Hubby and I just watched some random show last night (made in 2020) and the entire time we were saying how stupid the plot was and the actions by the characters. “Yeah, right, a basement jail cell is going to fill up with clean, clear water through a broken window during a typhoon when the streets aren’t even flooded.” “Oh, you’re going to transfer a dangerous criminal from an island to the mainland DURING A TYPHOON.” Maybe we’re just too critical. Ha!


  3. We unplugged the TV through most of the 80s and 90s. I do remember those shows. Don’t forget personal security was barely a thing. We still didn’t lock our doors in the 80s (we lived on a dairy farm on 140 acres and 5,000 cows). And cars were all metal and had very few safety features. What is worse with those shoes? Dialogue and hair and clothes. Lol. Poofy hair, shoulder pads, and silly comments! We choose an old series and slog through them. Finished Monk, and Bones, and are currently making our way through House and Elementary and Numbers. I’m a nerd and watch Time Team, a BBC archeology show on Prime. I love it. Kids might like it! Thanks for the walk down memory lane! There are very few good programs on these days.


  4. You are so right about those car explosions in television shows!! When I was younger (and maybe even for a while as a new adult) I was pretty sure cars would explode on impact in an accident.

    Glad to hear Little Miss is sleeping better. Wyatt went through a bout of that a few months ago and it was horrible and I wanted to cry because I like to sleep.

    My week has been weird but because I am a weirdo. I have been updating my friends about our experiences with Pretty Litter everyday – per their request, I am not just randomly sending them updates on my cat’s using the litter box. Lol. However, the litter gives me anxiety because it is supposed to show if your cat has health issues so I find myself looking at them often to check.

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