Photos of the Week: A Whole Different World

This intro is a re-share from part of my Sunday Bookends post.

When we moved to this rural Pennsylvania county last year, I told my husband how it was like living in an entirely different world. I grew up two miles from the county line and we could drive from our house to this town and it would be dry with green grass in our little village and a foot of snow in this town. I’d said it before and I don’t think he believed me until we moved here. Honestly, I don’t think I believed me until we moved here. It shouldn’t be any surprise to me that there has been snow on the ground here since Christmas Day (the week before 24 inches was dropped on us) but when my husband said the other day that the town he works in, which is only about 20 minutes away, doesn’t have any snow, reality hit me hard. I knew winters here would be a challenge and they are, but, hey, at least the snow is pretty. I don’t actually mind the snow that much, but the ice and the bitter cold temperatures? I could do without them. On Thursday of last week, the high was 16, the low 3. On Friday the high was 19, the low 3. Temperatures warmed up some for Saturday, with a high of 27 but Saturday also came with a Winter Storm Warning for Sunday through Tuesday. And here we are now: under several inches of snow and ice (the ice from last week) — again.
But, hey, I could live in Manitoba. Or I could be in the Northern Territory of Canada and never see green again! Winter will soon pass and while we won’t miss the cold, we will miss the pretty snow.

12 Comments on “Photos of the Week: A Whole Different World

  1. Lisa, this post takes me back to my childhood. Growing up in Montana was for the hardy. While the snow depths varied from winter to winter, there always seemed to be plenty of cold. Later when I was teaching in eastern Montana, wind chills were common to show up in the subzero range quite often.

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    • Brrr! I am used to it in some ways but not usually for an extended amount of time. I’ve read books that took place in Montana and have watched shows and those brutal winters made me rethink that plan my husband and I have discussed of moving there in our retirement.


  2. We’ve been cold and snowy but not as much as you. It’s so windy here where our house is located though that the wind chill factor has to be accounted for, so when the outside thermometer says it’s 16°, it really feels like 9°.

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    • We have had a lot of wind too. I think they said it was -2 or something windchill the other day. Currently waiting for 12 more inches of snow to fall over the next two days. 😩😩😩


  3. And I’m over here freezing and refusing to go outside if the temps fall to 30! haha! We’ve had a few nighttime temps get into the teens and the wind chill makes it even colder. But so far nothing close to 3! That’s too cold!
    I’ve been meaning to ask you how you like your wood stove. My husband wants one but I’m on the fence. I remember when I was little my granny had one in the farmhouse. It would get so hot in the room with the stove and the air would be so dry! She kept a pot of water on top of it to moisten the air, but it didn’t seem to help much in that big house. My husband says “they’ve changed a lot over the years.” So I’m just wondering if that’s true. LOL

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    • We like the woodstove but it does make the house dry. Woodstoves are different now than the old days where everything used to smell like woodsmoke. Now if it does, you know something isn’t venting right.

      I was so nervous to use it and made sure our carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms were working. We never leave it on all night and don’t rely on it for all our heat, just to cut down on the heating oil usage.

      When we first started using it we would get it too hot and then the living room was sweltering but now we have figured out how to keep it from getting too hot and it’s much better. The challenge is to keep the heat up enough to burn off the creosol … sigh…it’s a whole process so we’ll only use it for super cold periods, I think.

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