Sunday Bookends: Book abandoned, cold winter days, and Social Media Changes

This is my weekly post where I share what I am reading, watching, writing and occasionally what I am listening to.

What I’ve Been Reading

I had to abandon Maggie this week. Charles Martin is a really good writer, and I enjoyed The Dead Don’t Dance, but this book had to go a little more than half way through. It was like he was trying to see how much he could beat this woman down – literally and figuratively- and I just couldn’t handle it. She’d lost one baby and in the second book she lost another one after she was beat up by criminals. I was like “I get books need a lot of drama to keep a reader hooked, but this is ridiculous.”
With all the sadness and darkness and anger in the world, I just didn’t need to read it in my books too. Again, I love Martin’s writing, but I don’t get books that have to have so many bad things happen to the main characters that you just wished they’d die so they didn’t have to feel the pain anymore.

I started reading another book by Amy K. Sorrels called, How Sweet the Sound, on my Kindle so I have something to read at night when I turn the lights off. This is the second book I’ve read by her and so far I am enjoying this one, even though it isn’t super uplifting so far.

I’m also still reading a paperback copy of Rescue Me by Susan May Warren and a couple chapters a week of The Lord of the Flies with The Boy and Paddington at night with Little Miss.

What I’ve Been Watching

We had been continuing to watch Doc Martin together as a family until we hit an episode with an unexpected sex scene and traumatized my 14-year old son before we could get it turned off. Honestly, it traumatized all of us because of who it involved but that’s all I’m going to say about that. We will cautiously watch future episodes with my husband and I probably screening them from now on before our son watches them with us.

This last week I also started McLeod’s Daughters which I think is an Australian show, but then they also said something about living in New Zealand so I am confused where it takes place. I don’t know if I will stick with it or not but it is a nice distraction from all the weirdness of the world right now.

For Family Movie Night tonight we plan to watch The Goes Wrong Show’s Peter Pan Goes Wrong on a trial of Broadway HD.

What’s Been Occurring

I made sure my Facebook account was wiped and deleted last week and moved over to but won’t be on there much. Social media is too distracting and I have a lot of writing I want to get done. I went to to connect with homeschooling moms and readers of Christian or clean fiction and I found them. I found less political strife and censorship of conservative beliefs there so far.

We’ve been stuck inside the house lately either due to weather or the battery in our van dying. The time at home has been filled with homeschooling, me working on the final draft of The Farmer’s Daughter (rewriting, proofing, etc.), reading, learning how to light fires in the woodstove and of course worrying about the state of the world . I printed part of The Farmer’s Daughter out last week and am now taking it page by page and making corrections and will then print it again and have my mom and husband read through it before I kick it up on Amazon in February.

Saturday we woke up to more wet, heavy snow on the trees and ground, covering the grass that had started to appear as our previous snow started to melt at the end of the week.

I haven’t been taking a lot of photos lately since we’ve been inside so much but I’ll share a few here at the end of the blog. We did try a little sledding at my parents last Sunday but Little Miss hadn’t brought her winter coat or gloves (I thought we had them with us) and doesn’t really like sledding anyhow. The Boy decided he liked the sledding and Zooma the Wonder Dog decided she did too because she could chase The Boy and bark at him all the way down the hill. He almost ran her over more than once and she also dragged him down the hill by grabbing on to his boots at one point when the sled stopped sliding. While my dad often sleds with the kids, I think he decided that day it was too cold so he decided to watch instead.

With all the cold weather, we’ve lit our woodstove almost every day to keep the house warm and also cut down on our heating oil bill. Heating oil is new for us since we had natural gas at our other house. The animals love the warmth of the stove and some nights we find them passed out in the floor near it like they’ve been drugged.

What I’ve Been Writing

Last week I didn’t share a lot of blog posts, partially because I am dealing with issues with my eyes watering every day but the allergy medicine I usually take making me dizzy, and partially because I was flat out depressed by the state of the world.

I did share a post about homeschooling one day and enjoyed all the encouraging responses from other homeschooling moms and others who don’t even homeschool. Having a supportive blogging community is one of the bright spots in the world today and for that I am thankful.

As I mentioned above, I’m also editing The Farmer’s Daughter and have started writing more on The Farmer’s Son, which will be the story of Molly’s brother Jason. I’m trying to decide if I want to go back in Jason’s story or pick up around Robert’s accident. I’m not sure yet so I will be working through that this week.

What I’m Listening To

My husband pointed out a new song by Zach Williams this week called Rise Up, where he joined with someone called CAIN (not sure if that is a band or a singer) and Elevation Worship also released a new album we’ve been enjoying. I also found a new video by Zach Williams on YouTube.

So that’s my week in review. What have you been reading, watching, listening to, writing or doing? Let me know in the comments.

14 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Book abandoned, cold winter days, and Social Media Changes

  1. We use our wood stove daily, keeps our electric down by more than half of what it would be if we ran our heat pump!! Thank God even for dead trees for firewood!!
    I remember you had been struggling with the idea of having Facebook, so glad you found something that’s working better for you so far!!❤️

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  2. That was a shocking scene. I went out last week and bought a bunch of flowers and plants. Then I came home and spend days out in our garden cleaning, organizing, painting, and planting flowers. I’m still not finished.
    My cousin from Oklahoma emailed me a couple days ago and asked if I was okay because she hadn’t heard from me in awhile. She wrote that her and her husband were watching the news and they were reporting that Arizona had the most cases per capita in the world. I emailed back that I didn’t know that. I have been lost in another world out digging in the dirt everyday and I also stopped watching local news a year ago when I saw the direction even they were going in, which is just to get everyone to either be very afraid or to hate everything and everyone.
    I had no idea it was so bad here in Arizona. It is the Flu season too and every year the local news (when I watched in the past) always reported how bad the flu cases were and that hospitals were filling up and people were dying…so get your shots. So I am not surprised our numbers are high with any virus right now…it is the cold and flu season after all even if they don’t want to include it.
    I also got a summons to go to jury duty, during one of the worst outbreaks in the world according to the news about our area. No way out of it. I don’t understand. I have all kinds of health issues. Asthma, and only half a thyroid since they removed one side because I had a tumor the size of baseball. It was non cancerous but my family still worry about me catching so much as cold.
    Even though the state says they are taking precautions about the virus with masks, temp checks and distancing. Anytime there is an outbreak, small rooms with people, no matter how much you try to separate them…they are still breathing the same air together. I will be out in the garden until then. I want to find an island somewhere, to take my family, to keep them safe.
    2021 is turning out to be a belly full of dragons…these aren’t butterflies I am feeling. Anyway, you stay safe and keep having fun with your family. Soon it will be Spring for you guys and I am hoping that will be a calmer time for us all. Praying for that for sure. Stay safe and God bless you all.

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    • You are right about the belly full of dragons. Also, they aren’t even reporting the flu anymore that I can see. They are rolling all flu deaths in with COVID and saying all cases and deaths are COVID. Whatever. I’m so over it all – burnt out. Being cautious but I can’t keep living in fear. You enjoy digging in that dirt and shut it all out. It’s like watching a circus now the way the media plays it up and makes a drama out of the weirdest things (someone in Canada said today that pickups are racist..I just.. I can’t even anymore). I’ve been working on my books, teaching the kids and looking some at the news but taking longer breaks from it. I won’t be watching at all Wednesday and the rest of the week. Enjoy that warm weather and do your best to stay healthy but try to stay calm! God will be with you no matter what!

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      • Thank you Lisa, words of encouragement. I know I have God with me and that gives me some peace that what ever will be, will be and was meant by God, he is in control. Today I am watching prayers and going to go out to work on some more projects. We have a pickup truck, have to for all the things we do and the trips up north. I will be watching Nicky from Italy later, she is going to be making homemade pizzas. I also told my family I was going to try to make tiny pecan pies later this week. I have never made them before, might be one of those funny nailed it moments. Maybe I will do a post and share it later with everyone. I enjoy watching Youtube but I may have to stay off for awhile or try to click through without seeing all the news clips they want to get me to watch. It is so scary how much they try to get us to watch certain things. It will be rough but we will get through it as long as we keep our hearts full of love and peace. We can’t allow our hearts to turn to stone, that is the most dangerous thing to happen to any living being. Hearts of stone can not be reached. Hearts of stone live in fear, hate and bitterness. Hearts of stone become blind to truths. Stay sweet and try to be kind and positive in ourselves and others too…the only thing I can at least try to do. Give your family bug hugs from us all here in Arizona. We all need that too.

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  3. Snow! It looks so pretty! We’ve been hit by heatwaves that had our temperatures going into the 80s and 90s, so I’m looking at all your pictures, pretending to be somewhere nice and cold.

    I hope you’re feeling better this week!

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    • Heatwaves in January? Well, that is totally different for me but I wouldn’t mind higher than 34 and no 25 degree windchills like today!
      I had to bite the bullet on the eye thing and take an antihistamine and am hoping it doesn’t cause vertigo like it did before. I know it is dry eyes from all our dry air but I figure I might have some allergies going on because my kitten keeps escaping into the dusty basement and bringing it back upstairs with her.

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      • Brr! That’s cold, and I’m so glad I no longer have to live with windchills. But sometimes, like right now, they’re nice to dream of. I kind of miss winter.

        I hope the antihistamine works! My mom used to have a lot of similar eye problems and it was always so hard watching her try to go about her days, and vertigo is just awful. Crazy cats get into everything, especially everything they’re not supposed to get into!

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  4. OH!!! I should have warned you about that scene, but honestly, I tried my hardest to forget it. I don’t even remember what season it was in, but I do remember my husband and I blanching at it because it seemed so incongruous to the show. 😦

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  5. Oh my gosh I know that scene!! We were traumatized as well! We both looked at each other in shock! Lol. My husband said that smile will haunt him the rest of his life. I’d blocked it from my brain which I’m now racking for any other scenes to earn you about.

    I’m glad you found a social media platform that you feel supported and comfortable on. 🙂

    And I’m so jealous of your woodstove. Sigh. We have an electric version that we put on to mimic one but it’s definitely not the same, not at all. Your snow photos and little miss in front of the fire are priceless.

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    • I would love to know about more shocking scenes because I’m still reeling from that one!

      The woodstove can be a bit of a pain to maintain but it cuts down on our heating oil bill so we light it and maintain it and enjoy it. We are glad we don’t have to rely on it for all our heat or hot water/cooking how ever.


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