Photos of the Week And When you Feel Like You’re The Lorax

Snow has been the name of the game for the last two weeks in our neck of the woods.

First, we were hit with 22 to 24 inches a few days before Christmas.

Then it rained for 40 days and 40 nights — wait, no – it only rained for a full day and night on Christmas Eve. It just felt like 40 days. We had threats of flash floods, but in the end there was no significant flooding.

On Christmas morning we had a dusting of snow so we got our white Christmas and that night we had a flash freeze with some more snow.

Then we had an ice storm on New Year’s Day. The ice encased the trees and roads and everything in its path but I didn’t take any photos of it because I didn’t want to fall on my rear trying to get the photos.

Two days after the ice storm, we had a wet, heavy snowfall that was only supposed to bring us about four inches but ended up dumping up to 14 inches on part of our area, but not at our house. We got hit with about six inches that piled mainly on our trees and electric lines.

The snow that came on Sunday was wet and heavy and clung to the lines and trees. We were certain the lights would go out and they flickered and went off for less than 30 seconds in spurts a couple of times, but never went all the way out.

When it started the snow flakes that fell were as big as fifty cent pieces and my cat tried to catch them through the window, which was pretty funny to watch.

After we were originally told 2-4 inches, the storm stalled over our neighboring county, where my parents live. The next county’s border is literally a mile from our house, but somehow we ended up with less, which was the same with the bigger storm the week of Christmas. My parents received about eight inches when all was said and done and we probably had about six.

Apparently I have become The Lorax this winter.

During the heavier snow this past weekend and the Christmas week storm I became worried about the trees around our house because the snow was so heavy on their limbs.

On the week of Christmas the lower limbs of the pine tree that is on our neighbor’s property but is right by our driveway looked like they were about to break off.

“Should I go out there and clean that snow off?” I asked no one in particular.

And no one in particular answered me either.

“I think that snow is breaking the lower limbs.”

“Hey, Mom, look at this meme,” my son said.

So Sunday night before bed I saw ten inches of heavy snow on my little cherry tree (I actually don’t know what it is), bending it’s branches over and I said “Oh my gosh! Should I go out there and clean that off? It’s going to break it’s little branches.”

“Mom,” my son said. “It’s a tree. It’ll be fine.”

So while I felt the need to rescue the trees I didn’t (it was cold and wet, okay?) and the morning after the storm I saw one of the branches on the cherry tree had broke. I felt like I had failed my little tree. The Lorax – I mean — I, was sad, but I think the tree will make it. I think the lower limbs of the pine tree might make it as well, luckily.

On Monday morning the snow fell off the tree limbs in clumps that dissipated into a fine mist on the way down and some of that mist fell down on me when I was taking photos.

I made myself get up earlier than I might would have to try to capture photographs of the snow still on the limbs and lines, but a lot of it had fallen off already.

Luckily my husband grabbed a few photos on the way to work.

I was still able to grab a few shots before all the snow fell off.

Zooma The Wonder Dog enjoyed running along behind me as I took photos. She loves the snow and sleeps hard after a day of playing in it.

The kids also enjoyed building a snowman and a snow fort with the wet snow since the snow from two weeks ago was more like fluff.

I honestly didn’t take very many photos at all on Christmas Day, instead just enjoying the moments of our first Christmas in our new house and with my parents.

By the way, the photo below is the real life photo of the above capture of my dad reading a Christmas story about the making of ‘Silent Night’ to Little Miss. The first photo is the cute, sweet, “blog worthy” photo. The one below is the real photo of how my daughter looked much of the time during the reading because she had been too excited to sleep the night before and was super tired Christmas morning.

12 thoughts on “Photos of the Week And When you Feel Like You’re The Lorax

  1. Thank you Lisa for sharing your home with us and your beautiful family. I love that photo of your father and daughter reading together. Also love the truth in real life with the second photo in all it’s honesty of what children can be like…so adorable. I speak for the trees too, am always worried about them as well. Have a great week and stay warm and cozy inside.

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    • Thank you for stopping by and visiting with our family! How is it going out there in Arizona? I hear it is a little crazy with some things but isn’t everything right now in this country? Yeah, I don’t know what my new obsession is with protecting trees, but I guess it is one small thing I can try to have control over. Hope you have an awesome weekend!


  2. This post warmed my soul! The moments with your dad and Little Miss. Those are priceless! Kitty had the right idea playing with the snow, yet staying dry and warm. That was great! All the family time is so precious! The snow!!! WOW!! I’ve only seen snow like that twice in my life. I attended kindergarten in Wisconsin and as a parent giving her little girl’s Christmas wish to see snow, we took a weekend trip and drove until we saw it. We didn’t stop until we were all the way up in Michigan that year. Memories for sure. We are forecasted to get snow Sunday night through Monday. It may stick, but doubtful. My little eyes spotted flurries today at lunch. Flurries excite me. They give me hope. Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures!

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    • Thank you for taking time to comment and I’m glad you enjoyed the photos! I used to love snow but now that I’m older and have family driving in it, I like it less. If we are all home then I’m okay with it. I hope you finally get some snow!


  3. I always love good snow photos so this made me smile…as well as your cat trying to catch snow flakes…and the sweet pictures of your dad and little one (even if she was super tired). Thanks for the smiles – we all need them, especially now!

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