Photos of the Week: Now, That’s a lot of Snow

When the forecasters said we could get anywhere from 8 to 20 inches (the huge gap was because they apparently had no confidence in their forecasting skills. I can’t blame them.) our area hoped to see that prediction at the lower end of the scale. Sadly, the actual number was not only at the higher end, but four inches over the worst case scenerio.

So, Thursday morning the people in most of our county, and the counties surrounding us, woke up to two feet of snow. This left a lot of people stuck in their homes or digging out. It left my children excited to sled down the hill behind our house. Sadly, the snow was too soft so the sled sank in the snow. That didn’t stop my son. He decided to use the driveway instead. The sled went into the street, but no one was driving on the road anyhow and we were out with him to watch for cars.

Our animals decided they would all try going out in it. Even though, they disappeared in the drifts. We had to rescue the kitten about six times. Watching my son chase a six month kitten through the snow while I watched from the window in the kitchen was entertaining. It was less entertaining the four other times I had to chase after her, three times without a coat or shoes.

The Boy didn’t only sled. He also helped his dad dig out the car to get to work the next morning, considering the only thing visible of the car in the morning was the passenger side mirror. I have a feeling we will still be digging out over the weekend. I told the kids that this snow fall might have to count for our white Christmas, even though it came a week early.

18 thoughts on “Photos of the Week: Now, That’s a lot of Snow

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  2. Living in central Ohio, we seldom see a major snowstorm. Being from Montana, I still giggle when people around here become far too excited with an inch or two of snow. Thanks for sharing your snow-filled day; it brings back many memories.

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    • I giggle when I see people down South have a breakdown over an inch, but then I remember they don’t really have the equipment to manage icy roads, etc. Plus, if they grew up in the South, they don’t know how to drive in it. So now I just giggle when I see them shivering in 60 degree temps.


    • Our temperatures are going to warm up by the end of the week so we probably won’t have a white Christmas, which is why I told the kids to enjoy this snow as their early Christmas present. We are supposed to have rain later in the week and I think sleet and freezing rain on Christmas Day. We’ll see if it changes or not.


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