Photos of the Week: Our first Little ‘Snowstorm’ this winter

We had a little bit of snow this past week, more snow than we have so far this winter. Little Miss and Zooma the Wonder Dog had a lot of fun trapesing through it.

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  2. They look like they thoroughly enjoyed it! 🙂 We had one decent snow the end of October and the kiddos got about two days of building and snowball fights out of it before it melted off. Still waiting for the next good snow here.

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    • We have another big snow drop coming tomorrow night we’ve been told — the weather service isn’t really accurate anymore so who knows, though. And thank you!


  3. You got snow for Christmas celebrations, everything is so beautiful. Okay, my favorite photos is 34 but it was hard picking one. I love the story that photo tells. I am always a sucker for photos that show movement in their stillness.

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    • My daughter keeps asking if we will have snow on Christmas and I just tell her to enjoy it while we have it and don’t worry too much about it. We are expecting up to a foot of snow Wednesday night.

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