Interview on 21:25 Books

Thank you to 21:25 books for this interview about A New Beginning.

Welcome to the third week of Author Spotlight Month! It was such a joy to interview Lisa! Below, she shares more about what inspired her story, A New Beginning, what resting in the Father’s love looks like for her, and what to do when you’re caught in a creative slump. Read on! * Lisa Robinson-Howeler […]

Interview with Lisa R. Howeler — 21:25 Books

9 Comments on “Interview on 21:25 Books

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, Lisa! It was a delight to interview you and get to share your wonderful book with people 🙂 I’m so thankful your book was recommended to me!

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  2. Such a good interview, Lisa. I always appreciate your honesty in all of your writing and sharing. As I said in my other response, your writing always brings such hope to my days. Thank you and Blessings to you!

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      • Thank you Lisa! I have an extra appointment scheduled with my Rheumatologist next week to discuss the difficulties that I’ve been having this fall. I appreciate your caring so much! I hope you are doing ok also.


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