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As I said yesterday, we had very nice and warm weather here last week. Little Miss enjoyed chasing the dog around the house or more aptly being dragged by Zooma as they played with Zooma’s favorite toy most of the days. We also took our homeschooling lesson outside outside to practice sounding out words by writing them on the sidewalk with a rock.
Saturday was our son’s 14th birthday and he and his dad traveled about 90 minutes away to find a Chick-fil-A because my son has always wanted to go to one for some reason. They wandered the college campus it was on and also went to a mall. On Sunday we continued celebrating by my parents coming to our house and bringing a homemade apple pie and steaks. My dad and mom were a little disappointed because the pie crust got overcooked but it was actually still very good, even if Little Miss said: “I think I’ll just eat the inside. I don’t want to lose another tooth.”
Our neighbors on both sides decided to take advantage of the nice weather and start hanging their Christmas lights. My husband said he isn’t hanging ours up until closer to Christmas like he does every year but we don’t mind because the lights from our neighbors are already cheering us up. This is the first year we will see them, of course, since this is our first Christmas in this house, but our one neighbor down the street has already told us that the neighbors to the right of us go all out each year. They started hanging the lights – gorgeous blue icicles — yesterday.
Not to be outdone, the neighbors on the left seem to be going all out this year too, and already have beautiful white icicles hanging from their roof.
Here is some interesting trivia about our neighbors. They both have the same last name but are not related and the husband’s name is Chris at the neighbors on the right, but the wife is named Chris with the neighbors on the left. So, maybe that’s not very interesting to you but we find it entertaining.

14 Comments on “Photos of the Week

  1. Happy birthday to your son. They grow up too fast. I am starting to pull out the Christmas here and even put up some solar lights up north to add a little cheer in town. Something about Christmas lights that cheer us up.


  2. Ugh it is so warm here today! LOL. I am so ready for cool weather. Even in the 60s would be great.

    Happy birthday to your son! And hilarious comment from your daughter!! Kids are hilarious. My niece told me over zoom the other day that my house looked sort of messy. LOL. She wasn’t wrong..

    Great photos!


    • That’s so weird about wishing it was colder because I don’t usually like colder weather but today I was like “Okay, I need some tea-sipping, curling up with a good book weather!”

      Kids say the darndest things, just like that old show said. lol.

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  3. We love Chick-fil-A but don’t get there too often since the nearest one is about 45 minutes away. I’m kind of a stickler about not rushing Christmas and concentrating on Thanksgiving first because I think too many people jump from Halloween to Christmas and ignore the fact that we should be thankful first. BUT, with that said…the weather has been so nice and warm, my hubby did start putting up the outside Christmas lights — better than freezing your fingers off. We won’t light them up until after Thanksgiving though.


    • The warm weather was really what drove our neighbors to do it, I think. The town even put some decorations up early and I think they did it because the ground isn’t hard yet and they could get them in the ground. The neighbors aren’t actually lighting them yet either, but they are there and ready to be lit, probably around Thanksgiving.

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  4. Ahhh I hope he loved Chic fila…my fave but we have to drive four hours for one…
    The apple pie looks great along with the other pics!!
    I’ve also toyed with the idea of hanging Christmas lights already, jump start into the Christmas spirit!!

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    • He actually did like Chick-Fil-A — better than Sonic which he had always wanted to try too. He and my husband said their chicken sandwiches were the best they’d ever had a fast food place.

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