Sunday Bookends: Warmer weather, comfort reading, and the boy turns 14

Sunday Bookends is my week in review, so to speak. It’s where I share what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been watching, what I’ve been listening to, and what I’ve been writing. Feel free to share a link or comment about your week in the comments.

What I’m Reading

I read through a sappy romance last week, which I enjoyed, and for a change of pace I’m reading another Longmire book by Craig Johnson. I’m also reading A Cat Who book, and I haven’t forgot Maggie by Charles Martin. I’m reading whichever one that fits the particular mood I’m in on whatever day.

What I’m Watching

I needed to go back to the basics this week so I watched a couple of sappy Signed, Sealed, Delivered movies from Hallmark and several episodes of The Andy Griffith Show.

What’s Been Occurring

Warmer weather hit our area again this week, which was a welcome surprise since I wasn’t really paying attention to what the weather was supposed to be. We used the warm days to run around our yard with the dog and take my daughter’s school outside to have some fun learning a few sight words.

Other than getting outside a few times, we didn’t do a lot this week except for celebrate my son’s 14th birthday on Saturday. He and his dad went to an actual mall and a Chick-Fil-A, my son’s first trip to one. For some reason he’s been obsessed with going to a Chick-fil-A for a few years and we finally found one about an hour and a half from us. I tried not to sit and reflect how fast the last 14 years have gone this week but it hit me a little hard one night and I cried for about 15 minutes. My son hugged me and promptly ruined the moment by farting. I could say that he only developed this inappropriate farting only when he became a teenager, but that’s not true. He’s always farted away sweet moments, even as a newborn. Of course, when he was a newborn his farts were cute. Not so much anymore.

Notice: The next paragraphs were written early in the week before any announcements about the election so this is not a reflection of who was chosen and is related to my frustration with all politics. I am truly at peace about outcomes, which I mention below. Also this is not so much about politics as it is an opinion on how it makes people act!

Later in the week, I had to stop looking at the news because of the absolute vitrol coming from a variety of different people on all sides of the political spectrum — all of them claiming to be kinder and nicer than the others. Newsflash: if you are telling people you hope they die and their children are raped and murdered, you’re not a kind person, I don’t care what party you are a part of. You’re a mentally ill person. Period.

After a couple of days of reading these comments go back and forth and even watching so-called journalists (from a variety of “news” outlets) use the same language (FYI: there are no longer journalists left. Only commentators.), I had to back away because I had sunk into a very deep depression.

This is the world my children are being brought up in. The world that says it’s normal to spit in the face of people and call that normal, threaten the lives of those you don’t agree with, and childishly scream at each other when you are in your 70s. I say if you want to disagree or peacefully assemble, that’s fine, but keep your spit and your threats to yourself — no matter what party you allign yourself with. And I have seen it coming from people who allign with both this past week. It’s so bad I’m about to declare myself an independent. I don’t want to be associated with either of the major parties.

It’s like the whole world has gone mad.

I’m not sure how to explain that world to my children so I don’t allow the news to be on around them or near them these days.

If it hadn’t been for the warmer and sunnier weather, plus reminding myself of the post I wrote last week (and having other Christians remind me online of similiar sentiments) I probably would have slipped even deeper into depression.

What I’m Writing

I’m gutting The Farmer’s Daughter right now and didn’t share any chapters this past week. It’s not like people are clammoring to find out what happens (haha!) so I’m sure missing a week or two isn’t a big deal. Who is going to notice, right? Not really anyone.

I renamed Quarantined on Kindle because the book isn’t about quarantine really. It’s about relationships rekindling so I went back to what I had originally called it on here “Rekindle” and re-posted it on Amazon with a new cover as well. Republishing it removed the lovely review that had been written for it and that annoys me, but I had to rebrand it because I figure there are a lot of people who are like me and are sick of hearing about quarantines and lock downs and all of that jazz.

Photos of the Week has been moved to Monday for this week.

How was your week? Reading or watching anything interesting? Let me know in the comments.

19 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Warmer weather, comfort reading, and the boy turns 14

  1. The world HAS gone mad. The vitriol still being spewed makes me literally sick to my stomach. In this household, we have turned off ALL news and I scroll through social media only occasionally and quickly pass by anything political from both sides. Enough is enough and I’m just about ready to sign off completely on social media — still researching that and trying to figure that out. But I’ve been thoroughly entranced by some historical fiction books on the queens of Henry VIII by Alison Weir. That and watching past seasons of The Great British Bake Off but it just makes me hungry. 😉


  2. I love your cover for “Rekindle” … so beautiful!! And I would definitely be begging for more chapters if I had any time to read these days! You truly are a gifted writer.
    Your 14-year-old farting reminds me of my 14-year-old son… sigh. Totally ruining a perfectly good moment. Lol! Teens are the best 😂

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  4. So, it was Friday night and my husband had more election news on the TV while the kids were running amok and I realized I hadn’t seen a new chapter of The Farmer’s Daughter! I scrambled over to your site and was sad to see there wasn’t a new chapter. But I do remember you weren’t happy with the story, and this past week has been…something, but I do look forward to what happens next! Also, happy birthday to your son! Boys sure are cute.

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    • I was just so down this week and it wasn’t just about election results and the confusion and back and forth stuff. It was about the anger and hatred being tossed around. Then suddenly I was feeling angry at people too and then finally I was like “if you just shut this crap off, including social media, I bet you’d feel less angry at the angry people and then you won’t be another angry person spewing more anger!” (yes, that was a mouthful! Ha!) And by the time I got to Friday I was just like “I don’t even care about Fiction Friday — that’s how miserable I am right now.” I wasn’t reading blogs, I wasn’t taking many photos or writing and I thought “oh man..I’m slipping into depression.” (Are you enjoying all this internal dialogue with the quotes? lol!!) I shut some of the news off (had to peek a little), decided it doesn’t matter if my story sucks since I’m doing it for fun, and grabbed the camera to take some photos. So, this week I’m feeling a little bit better and have a chapter to share for Friday — even if it is cheesy and not exactly what I want the final version to be.

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      • Haha! I have the same sentiments! If I didn’t schedule my posts at least a week in advance, I probably wouldn’t have had anything up last week, either. I went off on my husband a few times about how much I was hating people at the moment and was sorely tempted to write up a post about it, but it really wouldn’t have done anything. I turned off, too, though I always look for your Fiction Friday posts. Even if it’s not going the way you want it to be, it’s really helping me transport myself to something other than what’s going on and I appreciate it and your continual writing in it so much.


  5. On the way to work last Thursday morning, my daughter in-law, Christina had a mini-stroke. She is 38. She drove the rest of the way to the hospital, which is where she works, and went to the ER. They gave her a clot-buster drug. A scan showed clear. She was later discharged with a prescription for Plavix (clot buster medicine) and will see a neuro doctor soon. We will know more information after this appointment.
    My husband’s hand is still healing from the accident at work in late August.
    My neighbor and best friend, Kerri, is fighting stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She had 12 radiation treatments and has burns in her esophagus. She’s been unable to eat. Progress was made last Friday night. She ate mashed potatoes and gravy. Such a praise!
    I’ve made progress with stocking up on food, but mainly things I don’t won’t to run out of and drive to the store just to get. For example: Imodium or ibuprofen. Also, coffee and tea. We were given a large upright freezer for free. We’ve filled it up as best we can.
    I’m making progress buying Christmas online for the grandkids. We have 3: Celeste is 17, Dawson 14, and Miss Charlotte is 2.
    Our weather is warm. Warm during the day-mid 70s. Cool at night. Usually in the 50s at night. We’ve had clear sky or very little clouds.
    I began reading, For Whom The Bell Tolls. It is a story written by Ernest Hemingway. This is the 1st book I’ve read by him. So far so good. Also, I have several other books I’m reading. Plus, I have BSF notes and questions to complete. The study this year is Genesis.
    Notice I didn’t mention the other event in our nation. I want to move forward past this. I’m praying for this situation and all the other things going on in my family and network of people. No matter who is in the White House or even local government-God is Sovereign.
    Praying you will have a beautiful and peaceful Sunday.

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    • I’m glad to hear your husband’s hand is healing and that your daughter-in-law is okay after that scary experience! I’m going to remember your neighbor in prayer. I know you mentioned her before. What a praise that she could eat something. I can’t imagine what she is going through.

      I haven’t even started Christmas shopping yet. We have ideas, however. I’m sure we will do all of it online.

      We are going to have cooler temps this week from what I see so far on the weather app.

      We haven’t stocked up on supplies or food this fall for winter, even though I’m sure they will be locking us down again. People in my area won’t be as willing to lockdown as some. We will just see how it all goes.

      And thank you for that much needed reminder for the aftermath of this past week. I love the way you are looking at it and I am going to make an effort to do the same.

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