That Which Defiles —

This post by Heather Dawn on Every Small Voice? Wow. Nail on head. Fear is driving so many to forget their humanity. Please click over and read her thoughtful post today.

Never have I experienced hate from a complete stranger like I did yesterday. Let me explain: I was on a field trip with my two homeschooling children. We did all the right things: kept our distance from people, wore our masks, and respected the rules. While walking from room to room, sometimes we had to […]

That Which Defiles —

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  1. Wow, this was a powerful message. I can relate. It is hard going from the city to the small country towns here in my state. The city has many rules when it comes to masks and the small towns up north are not as strict. If you wear a masks people know you are coming from the city so they glare and judge. Even a local radio DJ complained about how cruel he was treated and called names all because he was wearing a mask while up north. They do not like city people up north and now that the left promotes wearing masks they view everyone as being on the far left if they wear them, which isn’t true at all. The radio DJ is locally famous here and he came out in support of Trump but he has always been a germaphobe, got to feel a little sorry for us germ fanatics. I still help people though, just wash my hands a lot and always have. Both sides wear masks. I miss smiles, and small talk while waiting in line at the grocery store. It is hard for the ones who want to connect with others but now are being pushed away and glared at by both masks wearers and non mask wearers.

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