Randomly Thinking: The week of September 13

  • I think one of the best things about modern life is that we can go to a convenience store and buy a bag of pickles. A sealed up, little bag with pickles inside. Just this little bag you can slide in your pocket and munch on while you walk down the street. One of the greatest modern inventions ever: pickles in a bag. My son says pickles in a cup would be awesome too. I said they probably have those somewhere as well, I just haven’t seen them yet.
  • How can I simultaneously love and hate to read and write romances?
  • Edgar Allan Poe. Wow. How could so many horrible things happen to one person? My son and I needed to watch a few comedies after studying him for school this week. Also, now that I’m older and trying to read him with my teenage son, I have come to realize he may be a bit overrated. Or maybe I just can’t make heads or tales out of the old language anymore as my old mom brain cells are melting.
  • A quote from my dad: “Ignorance is not a matter of intellect.It is a matter of choice.”
  • My political party is not my identity so when I make a list of who I am, I don’t include that information. I always find it unnerving when people think they have to include their political party affiliation in their profile information on their social media accounts, if they are not actually a politician. I guess they want you to know straight up front they’ll be judging you if you’re not “one of them.” Our country is so weird anymore. The way politics has inflitrated every facet of life makes me sick to my stomach.
  • I wish someone would read bedtime stories to me like I read them to my daughter. I want to read at night but often I’m too tired. I need someone who can just read me my books while I drift off to sleep. So far my husband is not interested in doing this.
  • The weather is colder here now and as I tried to pull the comforter up around my shoulders one night this week it drove me crazy that it wouldn’t come up all the way because it was stuck on the bottom of the bed. I finally got it up around my shoulders and then I had to use the bathroom. This is a usual occurrence for me in colder weather it seems. It’s like the Murphy’s Law of trying to get warm for me.
  • When I love something — like writing or photography— I read and learn about it all I can and sometimes that is good but sometimes it just kills my love for it because I start comparing and judging myself based on the experience of others. I already did that with photography. I hope I don’t do it with writing. I started sharing stories on my blog for fun — not to become some success or make money. Why am I letting the comparison game ruin it for me?

So how about you? Have any random thoughts this week? Let me know in the comments.

9 thoughts on “Randomly Thinking: The week of September 13

  1. When we would take long road trips and our kids were little we would listen to old radio shows that were scary tales and mysteries that were pretty tame but still spooky. They used to sale them in cassette tapes at the bookstores back in the 90’s. I love the mystery ones.
    I am reading a book right now about missing people in our national forest areas. I didn’t realize there were so many. Up north where we have OLRH there have been a few missing people up in the woods over the year. Our friends up north could never understand why their cases were not brought up much or solved.
    There is a retired detective that writes about our federal parks and how we need to have data on missing people but that doesn’t seem to be happening. He writes the 411 series. It just popped up on YouTube one day. Sometimes when I am working on projects or cleaning the house I will pop on my head phones and listen to one of his vlogs. He mostly just reads stories about people going out in the woods and disappearing. My husband is now afraid I won’t walk out in the woods because I started listening to his creepy stories…never at night though.
    My random thoughts this week seem to be centered on what happen in this country. I just don’t get it. It is like some of us were over taken by aliens and we are living in the movie the body snatchers. This could be said of both sides. Wish we could all go back to getting along better. My cousin and I talk about this, as well as a couple of our friends and we all come to the same conclusions…we need to find a nice island somewhere to escape for awhile and pray and hope that the world starts getting better.


  2. I listen to auidio books at night so it’s kinda like someone reading me a bedtime story. The only problem is I still fall asleep! 😂
    My random thought this week: why do we park in a driveway and drive on a parkway? 🤔


    • I need to find a storytelling podcast that are creepy. Isn’t that Lore one a creepy one? I don’t know. I’ll keep looking for one. I should try audible but I don’t want to pay for another subscription!

      And I will try to remember not to compare. Perhaps I’m only meant to share writing on a blog with a few people and that is okay because I like the few people I talk to on here! 🙂


  3. I’ll take some of your cold weather. It’s hovering just under 100 degrees here and I think my AC would like a break. Ack, that comparison game gets to me, too. It sometimes helps to remember it’s more fun being me instead of trying to be someone I don’t even know. But, gosh, that spiral can feel endless!

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