Just forget about it

“Just forget about it.”

That seems to be the suggestion today.

“Stay off the news!”

“Watch a comedy!”

“Pretend all is right with the world!”

There have been a lot of issues swirling around us that I’ve been trying to pretend aren’t happening right now.

Burning cities.

Calls for blood and death on police.

Politicians who want us to believe “it was a peaceful protest” while we watch buildings burn.

Families broken.

Children abused.

Innocence lost.

“Forget about it.”

“Read a book.”

“Hug the kids.”

“Go on a walk.”

“Pet the kitten.”

“Nothing to see here.”

If only my brain would stop screaming me out of the peace I’m pretending I have.

8 thoughts on “Just forget about it

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  2. I feel exactly the same! One minute, I am lulling myself with ‘unrelated’ little daily issues, then the next?! I’m feeling disconnected from the reality of life now, and even embarrassed, to be purposely busying myriad, with the ‘unrelated’ little daily issues!

    Everything is so confusing right now!


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