Sunday Bookends: slow summer days, slow reading, slow everything

Sunday Bookends is my week in review, so to speak. It’s where I share what I’ve been up to, what I’ve been reading, what I’ve been watching, what I’ve been listening to and What I’ve been writing. Feel free to share a link or comment about your week in review in the comments.

What I’ve Been Up To

I haven’t been up to a ton this week. We did visit my parents a couple of times so we could go swimming since our area was hit with a short heatwave. I think we will also go swimming later today because it is supposed to be in the low 90s (yes, Arizona people.. I know that is not really hot. 😉)

We visited a local farm earlier in the week and ended up with a flat tire but I’m planning a separate post on that for later in the week.

What I’m Reading:

I’m reading very slow these days but am going back and forth between books. I am still reading By Book or By Crook by Eva Gates. I don’t know why I am reading it so slowly other than I’ve been switching between it and A Long Time Comin’ but Robin Pearson the last few days and I also find myself playing with the little one throughout the day and that takes up quite a bit of time. Plus cooking and taking the dog in and out. I’m not cleaning because I’m a huge cleaning failure. My husband is a cleaning success story, however.

What I’m Watching:

I watched a movie called Heritage Falls with David Keith, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, and Keenan Johnson this past week. I was pleasant suprised because it seemed like one of those faith-based independent films and they aren’t always great. This movie, however, was well, written, well-acted, and not predictable or cliche.

It was about a father and son who aren’t having a great relationship and the son is also having a challenging time with his teenage son. To try to mend things between his son and him the grandfather takes them all on a camping trip and during that time all three end up bonding and at least working through some of their issues. It was much more entertaining than I expected and also had me reaching for tissues a couple of times.

I also watched The Fitzgerald Family Christmas which was much different than Heritage Falls in some ways and very similar in others. What was different was the language (much more colorful) and what was similar was it was a movie full of a family talking things out and working through past family hurts involving a father. It isn’t a movie I would normally click on but I needed something different so I tried it out.

Sometimes I find a gem in the list of cruddy movies stream services offer and this week I found two (both on Amazon prime).

The Fitzgerald Family Christmas starred Edward Burns, who also wrote it.

What I’m Listening To:

I’ve been listening to the music my son has been listening to lately and it is interesting to see him developing his own taste in music. It’s nothing like what I expected. On his listening list lately has been John Denver, Smokey Robinson, Al Green, Queen, Marvin Gaye, Hozier, AC/DC, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, and the Grateful Dead to name a few. I’m not fans of all of these but I try to listen to a few of them with him. Maybe I can push some Needtobreathe, George Straight, Marc Martel, TobyMac, and early Mumford and Sons on him this week but I doubt it. He’s not interested in much of his “mom’s music” these days. And I thought my music was “hip” and “cool.” Hmmm..oh well.

What I’m Writing:

I’m still working on The Farmer’s Daughter and shared another chapter this week.

I’m also still working on Fully Alive.

I wrote about visiting an old stone railroad bridge in Nicholson, PA.

Photos from the week

13 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: slow summer days, slow reading, slow everything

  1. The little goat is so cute! I always look forward to your photos. They’re so pretty!
    It’s been in the upper 90’s here in Virginia with “feels like” temps up to 105 most days. I’m not a fan!

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  2. Love the photos this week. My favorites are the ones with your kids and the flag. I would frame those. I also am so jealous of all that green where you live…what is that in the ground? Just kidding of course.
    You made me laugh about it being hot over there. Hey, 90’s hot too and I bet you have a lot of humidity too. I am not good with humidity.
    Not reading anything at the moment. Just watched a movie called Adopt a Highway, I liked it. It’s on Starz.
    I have not been out much because…well you know. But I did go to Cosco the other day for food and supplies. It was a weekday and right when they opened and it was still super crowded.
    We are hoping to take a mini trip up north so hopefully that will happen soon. I love how green it is up there and it is so much cooler up high with all the trees. Thank you for the beautiful photos, I so enjoy looking through them.


  3. Your photos are so gorgeous! And I want to play with goats! I am sorry that you got a flat tire though. 😦

    Your son has eclectic musical tastes! I have to say I like a bunch of those too – except Bruce Springsteen, I am not a fan. I do like Mumford and Sons too!

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    • luckily we were with my dad because he knows how to change a tire and could show my son how to do it for the future. We would have been in trouble if it had been my husband and me. Ha!


  4. I could gaze at your photos for hours! Like seriously, you are so incredibly talented. Your posts are always a highlight of the blogs I read because of them. Also, how in the world do you find the time to read, write, take stunning photos and raise a family!?! I’m still working at (barely) keeping us alive 😂

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    • Reading only comes at night or waiting for dinner to finish and I think one of the only reasons I survive the craziness of life is by taking time to take the photos and write a little. Otherwise my brain starts to melt from it all! The creative outlets are a serious lifeline for me.

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    • Thank you, by the way, for the compliments. I really appreciated that. Keep hanging in there. I read your last post and had so many thoughts I didn’t know how to write down a comment but will try later this week. 😜

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