Sunday Bookends: Gardens are too much drama, still reading the same books (I’m serious), and adding truth to Bible stories

My cellphone rang at 7:30 a.m. after a rough night of sleep. I struggled to find it where I’d dropped it somewhere in the sheets and looked at it with bleary eyes.

Dad. Uh-oh. Was something wrong? I’d better pick it up.

My dad sounded panicked. But my parents and the rest of the family was fine.

“Did you leave your plants out last night?” he asked hurridly.


“We had a frost last night. Listen, if you go out and sprinkle them lightly with cold water you can wash the frost off and maybe save them.”

That’s when I realized. . . taking care of a garden is way too stressful.

I don’t even have the garden planted yet and I’m already stressed about the plants. They’re in a tray outside my door and each night I go to bed and wonder if the deer will come this far down and eat them. I planted a few tomatoes and Dad says he’s pretty sure they won’t eat those. Deer don’t like tomato plants but they like shrubs and carrots and green beans and anything else they can get their mouths on, I guess.

We will see.

If I don’t give up on the garden all together. I still have to stretch a fence around the garden, which is why I haven’t planted the other plants just yet. I would like to plant carrots but my dad says they are a pain and probably won’t grow in my soil. I’m still going to try it, even though the topsoil we picked up really is quite awful and rocky. Who knows. It doesn’t hurt to try.

I’m still reading the same books and watching the same shows, for the most part. For books: Sweet on You by Becky Wade and then switching off with A Light in the Window by Jan Karon. These are books that are filling a type of comfort reading for me.

I’ve also read the first chapter of Jesus Through Middle Eastern Eyes by Kenneth E. Bailey. I’m planning a separate post on that book at a later date, but I can say for now that the book is broken down into simple, short chapters and it’s fascinating. I have a feeling it is going to spin my view of the real Jesus on it’s head, which I’m excited to have happen since it is coinciding with my watching of The Chosen.

If you haven’t heard about The Chosen before (or missed when I mentioned it before), it’s a TV series based on the life of Jesus and is available on The Chosen site, The Chosen app, and on DVD via their site. Purchases of the DVD help to support series two, which is currently being written. The Chosen has fictional aspects within the true story of Jesus in that it offers backstories of some of the most important people of the Bible – Simon (Peter), Mary Magdalene, Jesus’, the disciples, Nicodemus and many other supporting characters. This is not your typical Bible retelling.

My 13-year old son and I have been watching it for homeschooling and he said “I like how this makes the people of the Bible seem like real people.”

And that is what the show does. It shows the humanity and authenticity of the people we’ve spent our lives reading about on the page. I love how the show portrays Jesus as I feel he really was. So many movies about Jesus show him as stoic and serious and just very . . . how do I put it? Heavy and dramatic.

But in The Chosen, Jesus laughs and jokes and relates to his followers as any other person in real life would. It shows us a new view of Jesus. A view that he is God but he was also man.

Even if you aren’t a Christian, I’d encourage you to watch the show anyhow because it is very engaging and tells the story of people, not religion, which I believe is what our relationship with God should be – the story of us, not of what the world sees as simple “religion.”

Although the books I’m reading and the shows I’m watching are the same, I’m listening to some different things this week, including a new-to-me group The Dead South. Their language on some songs are not “clean”, just as a warning. (I always hesitate sharing music that might have some hard language because I don’t want to offend any of the Christian followers I have, but hopefully they won’t judge my heart for liking some of the songs, but not the language. )

On the blog last week I shared some thoughts on how social media kills our creativity (which I’ve actually blogged about before but forgot. Apparently this is a subject I feel strongly about *wink* ), shared Chapter 5 of Fully Alive and Chapter 9 of The Farmer’s Daughter.

So, how about all of you? What have you been up to lately? Reading? Watching? Listening to? Just simply doing? Let me know in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Bookends: Gardens are too much drama, still reading the same books (I’m serious), and adding truth to Bible stories

  1. I’ve always wanted to have a big garden but I don’t want all the stress is it. Can I have it both ways? 🤣 So far I’ve only planted tomatoes in buckets on the porch & they did really well!
    Now you’ve got me listening to The Dead South. I really like them!
    I was finally able to get Where the Crawdads Sing. I’ve been waiting on that forever! It’s good so far.

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  2. That is too bad about your garden adventures, hang in there and hopefully things will get better. Right now we are struggling too because of record heat warnings. The whole state seems to have dry/hot conditions this month. We just got back from a trip up north before the heat took over and it was cold at night as well as morning. So weird how much difference the temperature changes in different parts of our state.

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  3. At our other place the neighbors’ cows got out one year and ate all our onions. They like onions. Who knew? Boy, was I mad! But overall I find gardening a very peaceful pastime. It’s really fun when things start to grow.

    Here, carrots are one of the easiest things to grow. But I’ve had terrible luck with peas. All kinds of animals like to eat those plants. And even if they don’t get eaten I can’t keep them alive…not sure why!

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    • We pulled my plants in tonight because we saw rabbits hopping in the yard and there were a couple of bites out of my cabbage plants already. Tomorrow or Tuesday I’ll put up the fence around the raised beds and hope for the best! 🙂

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  4. Gardens can be so fussy, right? It looks like it will be beautiful though! And try whatever you want. I planted carrots this year and I am excited to see how they do. I planted them in a container though with topsoil to see if that helps since we have clay here and its hard to grow through.

    I love Jan Karon. Those books really are such a great comfort read. 🙂

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