Links around the internet that have nothing to do with You Know What

Escapism is the name of the game for many of us already prone to anxiety who are in the midst of all this world craziness, so I thought I’d share some blog posts and other links from around the internet that I have found this week that have nothing to do with You Know What. If you need info on You Know What, you can always look to news and medical sites, but we should always have a few places we can go for escape as well.

I could relate to this one by Mama’s Empty Nest about smells and how they trigger memories of our loved ones. 

I always love the photos from Derrick and his wife Jackie and I’m glad he’s able to get out in his rural setting and still take some beautiful images. I also love reading about what they are eating because half the time I have no idea what they’re talking about. Ha! I’ve been following this blog that offers the most encouraging posts for Christians and others.Just One Robin has been keeping the topics on her blog different than the news to give people something to escape to and she offered this one about her art journey earlier this week.Bettie G shared about the guilt many of us have over asking for prayers for ourselves.Our Little Red House shared about making over pretty mugs to hold things, such as cute plants.Michelle at Blessings by Me always shares great DIY projects and this one is about a cactus flower pot, which then reminded me of Our Little Red House’s blog post about cacti in Arizona, which she called Walking with the Giants. I’ve been following some serial fiction stories, including:Pond People on Writing WrinklesQueen of the Garden at The Lily Cafe.Alice and the Warden by Autumn Rain.and some short fiction on this Pete’s blog and this Pete’s blog.For my own blog, I’ve been trying to stay away from commenting on all the news with some (mostly) unrelated posts:

A blog post about using the thesaurus more when writing. I swear it is more interesting than it sounds;Faithfully Thinking: When the Church Disappoints You;Sunday Bookends: Light Romances in book and movie form.And of course the continuing chapters from A New Beginning. We’ve also been distracting ourselves from things by watching this goat farming family from Arizona.

This post has some to do with what is going on, as it was put out for that reason, but it can also be a good one to save for moments of high anxiety.

For comedy, we’ve been binging Foil, Arms and Hog  (be wary they aren’t always appropriate for children, so just screen them.) They are very Irish with very Irish translators so you may need closed captioning. 😉 

We have been out of the house, um..some, but mainly to my parents because we only have one car right now and my husband is using it for work.

So what have you been reading and watching that aren’t related to You Know What? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any similar links to blog posts or other sites, please let me know in the comments as well.

24 thoughts on “Links around the internet that have nothing to do with You Know What

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you for the sweet mention of my post! And thank you for this great list of distractions and good reads. I look forward to checking them out. And, oh, I love to watch Willow, and Tilly, and Penny and Doris and especially Luna. 🙂 Lots of times I will watch them to help myself unwind in the evenings. Praying so much that we all can rest our burdens in the arms of Jesus. Love and blessings to you.

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  2. Thank you Lisa for the double mention, that is so sweet of you, so happy you like the posts too. Don’t read my latest post on shopping. I am trying to get through what is going on here in our city so I have a couple post where I address what is happening so stay away. It is not all bad though, lots of good people helping each other and all of us coming together to beat this thing together. An employee at Walmart bought a bunch of diapers and food for her neighbors who were waiting for their paycheck to go shopping but with the shortages they were worried so the employee told them to tape a list of items to her car and she would pick them up later. In our neighborhood when we all head out shopping for items we are low on and need we tell each other in case we run across these items when we all go to different locations. One neighbor was low on eggs and the store was out so my husband gave her some of ours, we got lemons and fresh organic lettuce from her garden that day since we aren’t buying lettuce it is hard to clean. Anyway, don’t read my Easter shopping post, just wait for my garden updates, Cacti tacos, and thrift store treasures. I guess my way of dealing with what is happening here in the city is to write about it. My comments are full of dyslexic mistakes…that’s when you can tell when I am stressing, I don’t reread and correct over and over. Thank you again for the mention, please stay safe out and wash your hands like crazy.

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    • That’s really nice of that employee. Right now we can’t afford to stock up but we have enough for the next couple of days and then my husband or I are going to go out Friday or Saturday and see what we can find that is left. It will be the weekend so I don’t know if more people will be out then or not. We are just trying to take it one day at a time at this point.

      I didn’t really noitce any errors so don’t worry abaout that!

      The stress is real but we just have to pray this will all be better in a couple of months.


  3. Thank you so much!! My anxiety has been going crazy! I’ve been trying to avoid the news, but it’s everywhere I look! I want to run away, but where to go? I sure wish they would have figured out how to put us on Mars by now. I’d be there! 🤣 Thank you so much for the mention, too! 🤗

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  4. Aw, thanks for the mention! I think we all can do with some good escapism. It’ll at least keep our minds off the fact that people are both panic buying and going about life as usual. It’s mind boggling to me, but whatever one has to do to cope, as long as they’re safe, of course. Still, I kind of feel like curling up and hiding under a rock until summer.

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