Did you drink your water?

Me to myself: “I am so tired. Just so tired. Every, single, stupid day. I probably have cancer or something. I’m dying. We’re all dying, but I’m dying sooner because I’m always tired.”

The small voice in my mind: “Have you had anything to drink today? Like water?”

Me: “I don’t know…why?”

Voice: “Remember all those times you felt totally awful and you actually drank water and felt better?”

Me: “That’s not it. That can’t make me feel that bad! I’m dying from some weird disease!”

Voice: “Just try the water.”

Me: “But, it won’t — ”

Voice: “For Godsake, just drink the water!”

Me: “Fine! But it’s not going to matter!” *drinks water* *drinks more*

Voice, half an hour later: “So…how do you feel?”

Me: “Just shut up.”

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