Someone is lying to you and you know it.

I want to be clear this post is not about politics but about those who deliver our political news to us. And don’t worry — I am not going to suggest you read one paper or watch one channel over another. Exactly the opposite. I’m going to tell you what I have before: Don’t watch any of them. 

If you are American, I think you’ve figured out by now that someone is lying to you and based on whichever political party you align yourself with you know which news agency is lying (the one you don’t watch, of course!). If you think about it, though, it’s extremely sad you have to pick a news agency to follow that “aligns with your political beliefs”. No news agency should align with any one political party but today in this country, and even in others, they do. They’ve picked sides and you the viewer are the ones suffering because they each have an agenda to sell you.

Not only have news organizations picked sides but they are now sliding news stories aimed at slamming each other into their 24/7 news cycles. It’s like when family members air their family’s dirty laundry on social media. In other words, it’s shameful and embarrassing. Seeing headlines that this or that news organization is ruining our country from the competing news organization is so bizarre and childish I can’t even believe it’s really happening. It is not doing anyone any favors, but most especially the public.

Remove yourself from your bubble one day and look at the news site you refuse to look at normally because you are sure they are liars. Yes, you’re going to get angry because you’re going to say: “Look at those liars! They aren’t even covering …” whatever it is they aren’t covering that you think they should be covering. Not only that but the news organization you are not watching or reading is going to say the opposite of what the news organization you are watching/reading is saying. The one you watch is telling the truth, right? Or are they?

I have a feeling the truth is somewhere in the middle of the news organization you follow and “the other one.”

Take for example the pro-life march in Washington, D.C. last week. I watched it live. There were over 100,000 people there, if not more but a few news agencies acted like it never happened. They never even mentioned it because they knew if they didn’t it would be like – wave your hands – it never happened. So you don’t feel I’m only picking out a so-called conservative issue, I have a feeling the opposite news agency did the same with the women’s march.

Turn to one channel and Trump is evil, Joe Biden and Hilary Clinton are gods. Turn to the other and Trump is God and Clinton and Biden were spawned from Satan. It’s hard to keep up too because they all want to yell “got you!” and declare themselves winners in . . . In what?

In some war but I’m not sure what kind. A ratings war? Maybe. Or maybe more accurately it is the war for us. I would say the truth, again, is somewhere in the middle. They each want to own us because they don’t really want to inform us/you. They want you to view to watch, to scroll and click because if you do they get money from advertisers. It doesn’t matter if what they share is “true” or “objective” as long as it convinces you to click on it.

The bottom line for me is that the national media is made up of liars. We can’t accept any of them at face value anymore, even the ones we “agree with.” It’s unfortunate that we have to be the ones to figure out where the middle is to find the truth but we do.

We have to seek out the truth ourselves because the national media has fallen down on their jobs and certainly isn’t going to do it for us.

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  1. So true, so many lies. I watch the people in the background when news reports come on. I study their body language and facial expressions to get a good idea on what is as close to the truth as possible. When the cameras are off them and they are not in the spotlight, their real personalities come on and as soon as the cameras are directed at them then they are ready to put on their shows. We as a nation with our Facebook, Instagram and selfies have turned ourselves into our own stars. It has gone to a lot of people’s heads. Entitlement didn’t just happen over night, it started a long time ago when we were tiny little kids and we were mesmerized by all that (what we believed) beauty on all those screens and magazines we looked at over and over. It doesn’t have to be a reflection in the water, it can be any reflection of ourselves that make us ignore the real truths that always surround us.

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  2. I abhor all those news channels so much I don’t even call them news channels. They’re just full of way too opinionated people who think they’re the only ones who are right and it just makes me feel sick knowing there are millions of people who believe every word they say. I can’t help but wonder what society would be like if they simply kept to facts and let people with even just half a brain think for themselves. Or maybe they just like stirring the pot because it’ll make all of us regular people scream at each other and create more news stories for them to analyze to death and turn more people against each other.

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    • That is exactly what they are doing. The more people scream, the more people watch, the ratings go up, advertisers pay and the world just keeps going around and around with all the hatred. The bottom line is money!

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  3. Amen, especially in these last days, as the time of Jesus’ appearing draws nearer, I think we need to be even more aware and seek out the truth for ourselves, with God’s discernment over us. He told us the day would be coming when there would be a lack of truth, but it sure doesn’t make it easier, does it? I am so thankful that He has not left us alone!

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    • Sometimes I wish I was not alive as we get closer to the end times, but then I realize there have been lies and confusion throughout all eternity. It’s just so much more prevelant now with social media and the internet.

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  4. Oh this is exactly right! I always tell my kids “Don’t pick a side and believe everything you hear, rather, listen to boths sides and learn to read between the lines.” This requires so much wisdom!

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