Remembering Truett

I have been listening to TobyMac in one form or another since the early 1990s.

His son Truett was on a couple of his albums and when I heard Truett had died recently, I was completely shocked, as many TobyMac fans were. I still don’t know the details around Truett’s death, but I can’t imagine the pain Toby is in. He released a song about his struggles dealing with his oldest son’s death this week. I thought I’d share it here and follow it with a couple of happier songs from TobyMac, in case you aren’t familiar with him.

Toby is part of the Christian rock group DC Talk, which was huge in the 2000s and then when the band parted ways, he started his own solo career.

And some old school for ya’…

4 thoughts on “Remembering Truett

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  2. So sad. TobyMac kept up with everyone on Twitter during that time and he and his family are definitely glorifying the Lord in how they are grieving and dealing with it. I let him know we are praying for him. The funeral was sad, but beautiful in how they gave glory to God. He is coming to Denver in February and we might take the kids to see the show. God bless

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  3. Definitely shedding some tears here after watching that video! We were at his concert in Winnipeg the day before his son died and were so sad and shocked to hear the news the next day.

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