Catching up: What was on the blog last week and some favorite posts from other bloggers

It’s very possible you have a life beyond the blog world, like I do, and may have missed some of my posts and some great posts by some other bloggers the past week or so.

I thought I’d compile them in a list for you, in case you are lazy, like me, and don’t want to scroll back on the blog or search the web for the posts of others. Oh wait, maybe I’m not that lazy since I’m compiling this list for you. *wink*
On the blog here last week:

Sunday Bookends: House selling, snowstorms and rediscovering art

This just got real (more about house selling)

Faithfully Thinking: Is it true God only blesses you if you give money to the church?

Creatively Thinking: Like Breathing Again

Fiction Friday: A New Beginning Chapter 5

Some of my favorite blog posts from other bloggers last week included:

Love at First Light from Pete at Lunch Break Fiction. It’s such a sweet short story about . . . well, you’ll have to read it.

I read two posts this week about anxiety that I could completely relate to. The first was from Jenni at Housewife Hustle entitled Coffee Talks: Confession of a Scrooge Mom.

The second was A Letter to the Church about Anxiety and Depression by A.E.I. Writes, in which she reminds the church they aren’t doing the best job when it comes to helping those with mental illness. Trust me. I can relate to this.

This post by Alethea’s Mind about a group called anSpoken that helps people of all walks deal with their pain and not feel ashamed of the tough times they have walked through, but especially those who feel their church has judged them because of situations they have faced that were not in their control.

I absolutely loved this post, Waiting with Jesus, by BettieG but I love everything she writes. What a sweet, Godly woman with a chronic health condition that she has let bring her closer to God.

The Manitoba Mom Blog wrote about Why You May Feel Sad at Christmas and I can say I could relate to just about all of the reasons and how to deal with them.

So how about all of you? Any favorite blog posts of your own or others? Let me know in the comments.






19 thoughts on “Catching up: What was on the blog last week and some favorite posts from other bloggers

  1. Great suggestions, I just read the last two on your post. I also love that movie the Lake house. I too struggle with being sad at Christmas when I hear Christmas songs so I just don’t play them. As you know I am estranged from my mother’s side of the family except for one cousin that contacted me a year ago to tell me she loved me and that she understands why I had to go No Contact with my mother. She even brought up very tragic and personal things that happened to me and my sister when we were little girls, wondering why we were always getting hurt. So many ER visits that my pediatrician called the hospital my second home when I was a little girl. They were very easy to explain as just freak accidents and a very sick child. When I left home at 18, I wasn’t getting sick anymore, it was a nice break. Christmas is also the last time I saw my dad alive before he died at work when he fell off a roof and broke his neck. I miss a whole family, and my father, but I try to keep busy with other things. I have my husband and kids and a few cousins and aunts from my father’s side I still keep in contact with so that helps. I hope you are also having good memories with your husband and kids, as well as other family this Christmas season.

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    • I can’t imagine being brought up by that kind of woman. I’m so sorry your childhood was so awful and I don’t blame you for cutting off contact. I do think we are better off without contact with part of our family as well. It’s been a lot less stressful and a lot less moments of figuring out the best way to deal with the anxiety I always got from having to interact with them. I am making good memories with the kids and the family I have left so I’m glad for that at least.


  2. Let’s see if leaving out the shortlink has any effect.

    To help ward off those paradoxical holiday blues, this month on my BUTTERFLY, BE FREE! blog I’m posting links to open-access medical research publications that report the great health reasons why we should eat chocolate!

    Beginning with “Treats Without Guilt!” there will be a post almost every day (there are a lot more articles out there than that, but a great many are behind paywalls and you can access only their abstracts, so I didn’t link to those). Although these articles are scientific writing, readers who are not familiar with statistical jargon can usually omit reading those parts without missing anything significant: the abstract, introduction, discussion and conclusion will provide the most important things to know.


    • AHA! It was rejecting the link that I included to the blog post I mentioned by title. This is also something that can be fixed in Settings. It lets you set it to filter out as spam anything that has one or more links in it (either full-length or shortlinks), on the assumption that only a spammer would include one in a reply. I have the filter on my blogs set to three or more. Most of the spam I’ve seen exceeds that number, and if anything unwanted with fewer than three links does slip through, it’s easy enough to delete the comment manually.

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        • I was programming computers for the Navy before the last two generations of users were gleams in their daddies’ eyes, so figuring out this kind of stuff comes naturally to me. In addition to the WordPress geeks’ continual tinkering (which fixes things that ain’t broke), the WordPress default settings are often self-defeating (and even sabotaging) for bloggers who are users without a programming background. Yours is a fine blog site, and it deserves every opportunity to attract and keep traffic.

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  3. Hey Lisa, thanks for sharing the anSpoken story here. Like you said, I’ve been so busy with other things I’ve lost track of what’s going on over here. Hopefully after our Christmas concert this Saturday, I’ll catch up on what I’ve lost. God bless you, sister.

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  4. The blog is giving me a hard time again with posting a comment: making me log in multiple times, the comment not showing up, and being told that I’ve submitted duplicate comments (also with nothing showing up). I don’t know what the system doesn’t like about me (I’ve been blogging here for seven years), but maybe if you have enabled a requirement for commenters to put in their e-mail, usernames, and URLs, there could be something going haywire with that (no telling what the WordPress UNhappiness Engineers will try to fix when it’s not broken). Maybe if you check your settings and disable any such log-in requirement, comments will get through. You could be missing a lot of interaction with other bloggers who just give up when their attempts to comment don’t work.

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