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I’ve been reading some really great blog posts from the last couple of weeks, how about all of you?

I thought I’d link a few of my favorite recent posts from other bloggers and maybe you’ll find a new blog or two to follow or at least some good posts.

Here was a great post from Fractured Faith Blog about staying in the now to help combat Anxiety. — HERE

Brittany from Ordinary Extraordinary Mom wrote about how to keep peace in the midst of chaos, which is something that is always timely for me because I always seem to be caught up in chaos.

As a fairly new homeschooling mom, this post by Roses at Dawn about her homeschooling journey really helped me and may help other homeschooling moms and dads.

The Intrepid Arkansawyer shared with us about how to use Feedly as a blog reader, which I found particularly interesting since I like the option to be able to follow blogs that are on platforms other than WordPress, along with the ones on WordPress.

Chandni wrote this touching post about falling in love with her husband during the happy and difficult times as they travel life together. You might want to get a tissue, a hankie, or some old sock to blow your nose on for this one.

This post by Alethea, For Battles Unseen. . . was just amazing and one I want to make sure to go back to over and over to remind me to thank God for all his provisions in my life – even the ones I don’t see him fighting.

How about you? Any great posts you’ve read in the last couple of weeks? Share them in the comments or share a favorite of your own!




13 thoughts on “Links from the blogosphere

  1. Oh wow! Thank you so much for linking to my post!

    I checked out the other posts you linked to. The one I totally relate to is the one about finding Peace in midst of chaos. I don’t have kids but I can definitely benefit from these tips. It’s so true about how I’ll never “catch up.” There will always be dishes and laundry. I just wash what I need to “survive” the week, like she said. Time blocking…Yes! I need to try that. I need some Book Reading time blocks.

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  2. Thanks for mentioning me 🙂 I hope it helps you out! I’m heading to the anxiety post as well, lol. And Brittany’s was great! I needed that one for sure!! Also going to take a peek at the others. I like seeing what others are reading. God Bless!

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