My all-time most popular blog posts so far – or things that make you go, “uh… okay?”

Have you, if you are a blogger, ever looked back at your most popular blog posts and thought “that one? Really? Why?” My blog is not very popular. Most days I have two visitors – my dad and my husband. I continue to write because I figure I need to practice my writing skills and because – why not? I don’t really have a life so blogging gives me something creative to do.

I understand why two of my three most viewed posts are popular but there was one that had me scratching my head – primarily because I had no idea where the traffic to it was coming from for a few days.

I posted a post about David Phelps, a singer who is simply phenomenal, and within a few hours, it had over 200 views. I couldn’t figure it out. It seems the blog posts I spend the least time on receive the most traffic, attention or comments. If I spend several days or a couple of weeks crafting a post – crickets.

71YtS+gGgDLThe views for the David Phelps post were coming from Facebook but Facebook said I had very few views on my blog page and the only person who shared the post was my dad. One person liked it on his page. I finally decided there must be a fan page on there that shared it and after some digging, I found the David Phelps fans Facebook group and yes, indeed, someone had shared my post. No one from the group commented on the post, but for some reason, a bunch of them clicked on it.

I guess I need to write about David more often if I want to increase my blog traffic.

As for my other three popular posts, they were both related to farming and the struggles farmers are facing today.

The first is The Heartache is real as family farms start to disappear

And the second is The Farm.

The third was about a local (to me) farmer: Tell Me More About . . . . Mark Bradley

The first was shared about 1,000 times on  Facebook and I’m glad it was. I believe it’s important for people to understand the issues facing farmers today. I truly believe so many are clueless to the fact we will soon be without any small family farms, especially in our area of Pennsylvania.

So, how about you, fellow bloggers: what have been some of your more popular posts and could you figure out why they were so popular?

I’ll leave you all with another David Phelps song – who knows maybe I’ll get some more hits on my blog. Seriously, I enjoy his music and listening to it helps me relax (well, until he hits a high note!)

6 thoughts on “My all-time most popular blog posts so far – or things that make you go, “uh… okay?”

  1. I honestly have never looked to see which posts were the most popular, not that I haven’t wondered I just never thought to…….maybe I should!! 🙂 I enjoy reading your posts and am glad you are using this creative outlet! God Bless!

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    • My stats page just keeps popping up when I opened WordPress to start a post or I probably wouldn’t notice that much. And by popular I mean “500” views at the highest, not like thousands, although the one had close to 3,000 at one point and that sort of floored me.

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  2. I blog for fun, mistakes and all. I am not a writer but I love crafting and always like sharing those things with others. I can’t really do Facebook because of some family members I am estranged from so my daughter turned me onto blogging. My most popular blog post are about hiking and there was one I did on the foods we eat that surprisingly was very popular.

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