Spring is Here! 10 on 10

Spring weather finally came to Pennsylvania this weekend and week. Forecasters kept saying we’d have rain, but each day the sun, and warm air, stayed and we stretched our time outside more and more. As I write this today all of our windows are open and we are reveling in the warmth, even though the pollen blowing in is attacking my son’s allergies. Sunday we made our weekly pilgrimage to my parents to have lunch and visit for the day. The day before we visited my brother and sister-in-law about an hour and a half away for my sister-in-law’s birthday. Each day we were warned we might have rain, but nope, this is one time I was glad the forecasters were wrong.

Colder weather is set to come into the area tomorrow and the rest of the week, but we know it’s only a matter of time before the warm weather will be here to stay. And then, of course, we will all complain it is too hot.

What is the weather like where you are?
This post is part of a monthly blog circle where a group of photographers share their favorite photographs from the month. To continue the circle, click on Erika Kao’s link and follow each link to see what other photographers around the country and world have been up to.





6 thoughts on “Spring is Here! 10 on 10”

  1. Lovely pictures! I am so jealous!! 🙂 We still have several feet of snow and another snowstorm is always a possibility at this time of year..(It actually snowed for a bit yesterday…I am crying on the inside, lol) God Bless!


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