When is Jesus coming to pick us up?

“So when is Jesus coming to pick us up?” My four-year-old asked casually, sitting on the arm of the chair, licking her popsicle and watching tv.

“I’m sorry? What?”

She asked again: “When is Jesus picking us up?”

“Where did you even hear that?” I asked

“You said it last night.”

And that’s when I remembered my overwhelmed stress from the night before over the state of our society and the words “Jesus come quickly…”



4 thoughts on “When is Jesus coming to pick us up?

  1. Cute!! I worked at Dairy Queen waaaay back in the day and a lady came in and told me that Jesus was coming. I asked her if He was behind her and she thought I was crazy! I was just joking, but she wasn’t the joking kind apparently. 😀

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