Quieting the creative voices of others so you can hear and feel your own

I fell into one of those Youtube spirals the other night (like one does) and I caught this interview from last year with Ellen and Bradley Cooper and she asks him if he is on social media at all, which she actually knows he isn’t. When he says “No, I’m not.” She feigns shock and says “Oh my gosh. What do you even do with yourself?”
He laughs, shrugs and mumbles something about being able to waste a lot of time on the internet without social media. But really, a better answer, since was there to talk about a movie he was just filming at that time but comes out this week, would have been, “I create.”
“A Star is Born” comes out this week and Bradley both stars in it and directed it. If he had been sitting around wasting his life on social media, getting distracted by the drama and ridiculousness that can be found on it, he might never have made the movie or made the music for it along with Lady Gaga and Luke Nelson (Willie Nelson’s son).
Lady-Gaga-and-Bradley-Cooper-in-A-Star-is-Born-2018-670x335Imagine all the books and paintings and songs we would never have heard if social media had existed earlier than it had. Yes, there are good things about social media for a creative. We can share our creations and our art to a wider audience and immediately. But what we lose in that immediate interaction is taking the time to really develop and plan our craft before we throw it to the world. What we lose is the time to actually create because we are distracted by looking at either the work of others or the drama of others.
We are squelching our inner voice because we can’t hear it over the shouts and creations of others. We are comparing and contrasting and then going back to our creative work, thinking we either can’t create as well as the others we’ve seen, or we can do the same, but never giving ourselves time to really develop the skills we need to create, as well as, or better than, those we admire.
Bradley Cooper worked with a voice coach, musicians and others for almost a year and a half, if not longer, before creating what many are calling a masterpiece remake of a movie, that touches hearts and will inspire many – creatives and others. he had a vision and he put the work in to complete and present that vision.
If he had wasted his time on the drama and distraction that comes with social media, he may have never reached his goal of creating something he is extremely proud of that will touch the souls of so many others.
Though I don’t know what Bradley Cooper’s personal reasons for not being on social media are, I do think he’s made the right choice by abstaining from it when it comes to strengthening his creative voice. It’s something other creative people, or anyone with a goal they want to reach, should try as well.

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