A downhome, country wedding . . .

Laid back weddings in the country are my absolute favorite type of weddings to photograph so when Travis’ mom called and asked me to photograph a simple country wedding at Mt. Pisgah, I was absolutely delighted. When I met the adorable, light-hearted and friendly couple I was even more delighted. I wasn’t able to meet Crystal and Travis ahead of the wedding since Travis was traveling for work and they were temporarily living in another state. The day of the wedding Crystal was helping to set up her own reception and smiling all the way through it and Travis and his groomsmen were unsuccessfully trying to figure out how to fold the handkerchief for their tuxedo jacket pockets.


Back at the couple’s house, recently purchased but not yet furnished because of the move for work, Crystal and her bridesmaids were full of laughter as they dressed and worked on the complex but beautiful back of the wedding dress, looping strands of fabric together to create it’s criss-cross pattern. The bridesmaids had been given only one instruction for their dresses – make them a bright, cheerful blue and they each complied while choosing styles that fit their unique body types.


The house was an old farmhouse that I guessed could have been built anytime from the late 1800s to the early 1900s. The light fixtures and much of the wallpaper seemed original and was distracting to this documentary-style photographer who is also a history buff.  I wanted to hold an entire shoot on the wooden, vintage staircase where sunlight was pouring in from an upper window and casting a square pattern on the rustic floral print wallpaper. Before the wedding, the light was hitting perfectly but in my rush to photograph the groom and groomsmen before the wedding I forgot to pose the bride in the stream of light until during the reception when I followed her into the house and asked her to stand in the light, now fading and less eye-catching than before.


Up at the site for the wedding, next to the lake at Mt. Pisgah State Park in Bradford County, Pa., the grass had not been mown where the nuptials were supposed to be held, due to a month long of wet weather, pushing the ceremony to the pavilion. The inconvenience didn’t phase the couple who continued to smile and take it all in stride. The officiant focused his remarks on the power of love while the bride and groom smiled at each other, Crystal’s mischevious temperant in full view as it remained for most of the day, when she stuck her tongue out briefly at Travis who smiled and shook his head. Much of the time it was as if the were the only ones there, both of them forgetting their family and friends were looking on.

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Once their union was announced, and the kiss gave, they gathered for photos of the bridal party and family. Crystal, a collector of visual memories, was sure to ask for photographs of her and Travis with their closest friends and family, careful not to leave anyone out and cognizance of each person’s feelings.


DSC_3551The day finished with a downhome, fun reception in the couple’s backyard, catered by Rooster Ridge BBQ and Catering in Barton, N.Y. and featuring a photobooth by The Photo Shack of Athens, Pa.

Thank you, Travis and Crystal, for letting me be part of your beautiful day.

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