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We have been enjoying the summer, taking things as the come and that has included playing in the puddles after a rain storm moved through recently.

Somehow my daughter ended up without clothes at one point, but, well, that’s what living life as a toddler is all about, right?

This post is part of a Four on Four blog circle through Clickin’ Moms. This is the time of the month when we choose four photos from either an event or simply taken in the previous month and then share them.

Enjoy other photographer’s work by following the circle. Next up is Chrissy Mazer

2 thoughts on “Four on Four | Ithaca NY Child Photographer

  1. Chrissy Mazer says:

    I love these Lisa!! The perspectives you capture are great! And that little belly shot <3. Well done!


    1. Thank you, Chrissy!!!


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