Boondock Ramblings

Quarantined: A Short Story Part I

“I can’t believe I have to self-quarantine. I don’t even have symptoms.” Maddie Grant glared at her husband over the edge of her book. “It’s not like I’m happy with you being stuck here either,” she mumbled. “Excuse… Read More

Keep singing me that song, sweet girl

“Mama, I have something to show you,” you said while I was trying to cook dinner one night. “Um..not now, honey. I have to cook dinner,” I told you. “But moooom…” you sighed and rolled your eyes with… Read More

The yard sale and the lonely old man

I was inside when he pulled up to our yard sale. My son and husband were outside with him but I stepped out to see if he had any questions about the items he was looking at. He… Read More