Creatively Thinking: Stock photography for bloggers and everyone else

I’ve written about my journey into stock photography before.

It’s not a big moneymaker for me, or for most people in general, but I still submit images to two stock photography agencies. If I make a little money from them, great, if I don’t – hey, that’s okay too.

Some people don’t know that if they use a photo from the internet they should give credit to either the site or photographer. And downloading photos from a website and using it as your own is a real no-no, but again, that’s another thing some bloggers don’t really think much about.

The sites I contribute to offer one-time purchases versus subscriptions and they are not the only sites where bloggers can find a good collection of images to choose from for their blogs or other needs.

I thought I’d share some of the work I have available for sale on Alamy and Lightstock at this time and also let bloggers who follow my blog know I’ll be setting up a free gallery in the new year for bloggers to find stock images they might like to use for their own blog posts, because as we know, photographs can help to make a blog post more visually engaging and simply “punch it up” a little bit.

If you are ever in need of photography, you can find my work on Alamy HERE or on Lightstock HERE and I’ll announce at a later date when I have my own gallery up later in 2020.

So, how about you? Do you ever use stock photography for your blog posts or other projects? Or do you use your own photographs to punch up your blog post or other projects? Let me know in the comments.




Featured on Alamy and the journey of stock photography

I was totally shocked to see my work featured on Alamy’s blog this week, along some amazing photographers! I was featured already in the one section of their site, with a link to my work, and that was exciting and a boost to my self-esteem already.

I’m hoping these nightlights will also help to boost my sales a bit, but so far I’ve yet to make any money through Alamy, and very little through any other agencies I’ve worked with. Working with stock photography is not for the impatient or the faint of heart, which is why I’ve almost quit more than once.

Stock is not a get-rich-quick scheme and success won’t come to me overnight but I’m going to keep submitting images because it’s better than leaving them unseen on the hard drive of my computer.

If you want to see my feature or my collection of images for sale you can click over to Alamy.