Boondock Ramblings

Creative Tuesday: try it all

A photographer asked a question in a Facebook group I’m in, sometime last year, about how to get better at varying her perspectives for her photos. So I told her: “Try it all. Go high. Go low. Shoot… Read More

Five places to capture memorable photos of your children

You’re thinking to yourself right now – I’m sure you are – that your house is too dark for photos of your children and that your flash is unflattering and makes your children look albino (which isn’t bad… Read More

Trying to be still and remember He is God

Some days life is all topsy turvy. The world seems upside down and turned around these days. What was once up is now down and what was once frowned upon is now applauded. Those who say they love… Read More

“I have heard other photographers say things like, ‘I went to photography school and I don’t know what to shoot because when I shoot something I mentally compare my image to so and so or so and so.’… Read More

naked babies and jumping boys | Pennsylvania life photographer

My one year old has decided her diaper is an option. She has also decided she should be taken outside, no matter how cold it is starting to get. And if her brother is outside when she is,… Read More

A house full of love | Laceyville, PA newborn photographer

It is a house full of life, of children, but more importantly it is a house full of love. Five children, all under the age of ten, crazy, sweet, lively, grumpy, silly, precious. One has lipstick smeared on… Read More

Finding joy. Even in winter.

I’m not a fan of winter. Winter depresses me. It is cold, obviously, void of sun,most of the time and it is long and dreary and yucky and I hate it — so there. I thought I would… Read More

Seeing in black and white | Elmira NY area Documentary Photographer

When I document my family’s life I enjoy doing it in either black and white or color photographs. This week I decided to challenge myself  by trying to see my photos in black and white as I took them…. Read More

Whoops! | Rome, PA Child Photographer

I’ve been trying to get a photo of Gracie playing in this splash pad all summer long. The problem? She hates it and won’t play in the water. Instead she looks at it, seems interested, I put her… Read More