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When you hit old age before you’re old

I wake up with a weird, buzzing, anxious feeling in my chest. Everything is wrong, but nothing is wrong. Everything is scary, but nothing is scary. Everything is death around the corner, but death is not there. Restless. That’s what the ladies in an online support group I’m in call this feeling. I call it sheer terror. This buzzing,crazy, I’m-going- to -crawl- out of … Read More When you hit old age before you’re old


She adores him but he’s a bit clueless

My daughter certainly adores her older brother. He’s 11. She’s three. He went with a friend to a gadget club at the local library and while he was gone she found this dress and put it on, telling me how she wanted to look nice for him when he got home. We had actually gone upstairs to look for her swimsuit because she was … Read More She adores him but he’s a bit clueless

Looking back at January

I thought I would share some photos from the month of January. I haven’t committed to a 365 project, but I almost take a photo a day anyhow. These are simply some family documentary photographs from our month, which actually wasn’t very adventurous due to snow and a winter cold and working through grief from the loss of my aunt. We also adopted a … Read More Looking back at January