Boondock Ramblings

Don’t stop asking if you can hug me

There we were driving over the back roads to the small Christian school my son attends and just like that summer was over. Sure we had one more day before school officially began but on that humid summer… Read More

Faithfully Thinking: I refuse to call it my anxiety anymore

No weapon formed against you shall prosper,And every tongue which rises against you in judgmentYou shall condemn.This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord,And their righteousness is from Me,‚ÄĚSays the Lord.” Isaiah 54:17 (NKJV) I say… Read More

Mom guilt is the best

I totally pulled the grandma-wouldn’t-want-you-to-do that card this week. Totally. Little Miss is in a mean phase. At least I hope it’s a phase. When she wants to sit somewhere her brother is sitting she shoves him until… Read More

Mud, leg bruises and fun

I picked up my 10 year old son  the last day of camp and found him covered in mud and smiling – just the way I like to see him. He attends a day camp about 45 minutes… Read More