Why are reporters giving us their opinions in the middle of the news?

As someone who has a degree in journalism, I am constantly bewildered these days by what journalism has become in the modern age. When I was a reporter my job was to report what happened and leave it to the public to decide how they felt about it. But now it is the job of the reporter to give you their version of the news, tell you what they think about it, and tell you how to think and feel about it.

Not only is that not what journalism should be but that’s an insane amount of pressure being placed on “journalists” (they don’t exist anymore, just to make it clear why I used quotes) and I wouldn’t be surprised if suicides increase in the field very shortly.

When I’m talking about “reporters” who are giving opinions in newscasts or interviews, I’m talking about the “reporters” of major networks for both the Democrat and the Republican parties, because we all know each party has their own news outlets, with one of them having more than the other.

In journalism school we were taught there were reporters and there were commentators. Today, there are no reporters left, only commentators. The line between the two hasn’t been blurred, it has been napalmed. There is no one or the other. There are only commentators and I for one am sick of hearing their comments.

I’m sick of watching an interview and hearing these words out of the mouths of the interviewer: “I think …” Guess what, princess or dude, I don’t care what you think. I want you to deliver the news and then zip it. That goes for the new hybrid “reportcommentators” on all the major news networks. I don’t care if you love Donald Trump or hate Donald Trump. Literally, I don’t care. Your opinion as a talking head means nothing to me. I want you to tell me a press conference was held or a meeting was held or a bomb was dropped and then I want you to shut up and let me decide what I think about all that. How hard is that, really?

I am so sick of the clickbait headlines on the YouTube channels and the websites of the major “news” networks (more like gossip networks with all that celebrity gossip garbage they feature). “This or that reporter calls out this or that politician/celebrity/other news celebrity.”

You’re a reporter. Why are you calling out anyone? If you’re a commentator – fine – join the hundreds of people “calling people out” every day because we are a nation of uptight, permanently offended, miserable, self-centered jerks. But if you’re a reporter? Seriously, go write about it in your journal, but don’t tell me what you think on the air or in the news article you’re trying to pass off as “hard-hitting, objective news.” It’s not objective. You know it, and most of your readers, or viewers, know it (though they don’t want to admit it if they agree with you).

I’m just done with modern “journalism.” It’s a game of who can distort the truth more. There is no truth left in American journalism. None. Like I’ve said before, catch press conferences live when you can. Watch debates live. Listen to or watch interviews live. Don’t rely on the so-called “national news media” to honestly relay to you what happened at a particular event because they aren’t honest anymore. They’re bought and sold by corporations and political parties and they want you to be bought and sold by the same corporations and political parties that are signing their paychecks.

Objective journalism no longer exists.

It’s time Americans wake up and do the leg work for themselves that the national media was once entrusted to do for them, because the national media is no longer doing it, and the national media is also no longer something we can trust.