Boondock Ramblings

Creative Tuesday: The loss of time to be bored may be killing our creative buzz

My kid flops on the couch on his stomach, face smashed into the cushions and lets out an exasperated sigh. He turns his face toward me, eyelids heavy and his words are full of whine: “I’m sooooooo booooooored.”… Read More

The teachable moments of parenting fails

“I’m hungry.” It’s not WHAT she said that drove me crazy, it’s WHEN she said it. It was midnight. Bedtime had been stretched out insanely long for months now, something I hoped to remedy soon, and my last… Read More

A little snow must fall. . .eventually | Athens, PA Photographer

You would have thought we had never seen snow before the way Jonathan and I quickly dressed ourselves and the baby and headed outside into the cold. “Quick! Before it melts!” I called as I buttoned Grace’s new… Read More

Why documentary photography? | Athens, Pennsylvania photographer

Sometimes I want to give up on photography that speaks to my heart so I can make a quick buck with some quick poses but then I remember why I love lifestyle, or what I also call storytelling,… Read More

Favorite images for the week | Elmira NY Family Photography

It was a fairly typical week with some unusual adventures. I don’t have many photos of the unusual adventures for this week’s weekly favorites, but I do of the typical, everyday life. This is my view much of… Read More